15+ Ideas for Kids’ Summer Activities

15+ Places to Find Ideas for Kids' Summer Activities

The countdown has begun at our house. We have 15 days left of school – and then it’s SUMMER! (Please hear that in my best Olaf singing voice. Because, girl mom.)

This means I’ve been busy making plans. (If there were a song about the joy of making plans, I’d sing it here. Because, nerd.)

Annalyn and I have a “meeting” scheduled for her last day of school. It’s a half day, so after I pick her up we’ll eat lunch at Chick-Fil-A and conduct a strategic planning meeting. In other words, we’re going to eat fries and talk summer. (Then we’re going shopping for sandals. Because, pedicures.)

I can’t wait to hear her seven-year-old ideas for fun activities. And I’ll try to make as many of her summer dreams come true as I can. But that doesn’t mean I won’t come to our meeting prepared. To be honest, I’ve been arranging and scheduling for weeks now. But it’s taken a few weeks–because every summer I have to think and research and try to remember WHAT it was we did last year and WHERE I found ideas.

It dawned on me that I should make a list of places to find ideas for summer plans–and then, of course, share it with you! Here’s what I came up with:

Places to Look for Summer Activities for Kids

Public library: Our library system has more than just books. Each summer it brings magicians, scientists, musicians and more to branches around the city for kids’ activities. I’ve already read through the entire summer catalog and circled about 20 different programs I want to attend with the girls! (Which means we might make it to about three of them. Because, real life.)

YMCA: The Y has lots of camps and teams and swim lessons to offer. Not basketball camps – at least in my town, which is disappointing to Annalyn and her new love of basketball.

Summer school: I can’t believe I didn’t list this first. Our school offers a fun (but educational – yay!) summer school through the month of June. Annalyn likes school and I like keeping her busy. Win win!

Camps: While Annalyn isn’t old enough for an overnight camp yet, she has really had a good time attending a week of half-day theater camp. This year, she’ll actually go to full-day theater camp, but the POINT is that camps are a great option for summer fun!

Local colleges: One of our local community colleges offers “college for kids” every semester. This summer we had choice of several STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) classes for elementary students, and Annalyn picked a class about robotics. I’ve requested she create a robot that cleans our house. Rosie from the Jetsons is doable in three days, right?

School district continuing education: Our school district (and others nearby) offers continuing education for kids and adults. A couple years ago we signed up for six weeks of dance that way. This year we’re giving karate a try. It’s a low-cost way to try something new. Short-lived, too – which was good when we learned that dance was not for Annalyn. We’ll see how it goes with karate…

Explore your city: Have you visited all your city’s parks and museums? Indoor playgrounds and learning centers? I realize that if you live in a small town, you might have. But if you live in or near a metropolitan area, I’d bet you can find at least a couple field trips within decent driving distance.

Old-school fun: While I have signed Annalyn up for summer school, a camp and a class, I do want her to have less intense summer activities. Running through a sprinkler, making – and eating! – popsicles, playing catch in the yard, taking walks with bikes and wagons, having a picnic in the park. That’s really what says summer to me!

More places to look for summer activities:
Sports teams
Play dates with friends
Water park or pool
Music lessons
Classes at home improvement store
Vacation Bible School
Reading program through the library
Road trips

That’s the list I have for this summer and, now that I wrote it down, summers to come.

Where do you find ideas for summer activities?

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