31 Days…ish


After months of sporadic (to put it generously) blogging, I thought just typing the words, “31 Days” would magically flip the switch on my motivation, productivity and general follow-through-ness.

That was silly.

I was out of town on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday was jam-packed with church, a pumpkin carving party with my middle school students, and small group. And somewhere in there I managed to talk to my husband about a thousand different things that we just haven’t had time to unpack in the past few weeks.

Monday was, well, recovery. And quality time with a cranky baby. And a cancelled haircut, which is most certainly a big lemon. My hair is out of control!

It wasn’t a day with only lemons, thankfully. I also had lunch with a great friend who I haven’t seen nearly enough of lately. Oh! AND…before I walked into the restaurant to meet her, I realized that the SIZE STICKER was still on the back of my new jeans.


The crazy-busy weekend was good, too. Some definite lemons and not-lemons-but-still-hard things. But lemonade enough to fill several glasses, for sure.

Alas, I am too tired to even put all those things into a bulleted list. (Lemon = getting to use the word “alas.”) So I’m going to bed. I’m hopeful for tomorrow – for meeting deadlines, resuming this blog series and working ahead a bit.

How was your weekend?

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