Organize Your Life {$250 Giveaway}

Organize Your Life - a $250 giveaway to!

Last month my friend Kayse wrote an extremely thorough review of several great family and business planners. It was awesome. AND it introduced me to Erin Condren.

Maybe you already know her (I do tend to be the last to hear about awesome things…), but in case you don’t, Erin is a designer who makes the prettiest, most colorful things to organize your life. Planners and calendars and labels and address books and note cards and SO MUCH PRETTY PAPER GOODNESS.

That’s why it was a no-brainer when Kayse asked me to partner with her for a big giveaway to Erin Condren’s store. Of course I will!

That’s right – one lucky reader will win $250 to Erin’s shop. (That’s a lot of pretty things to organize your life!) Enter below:

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WFMW: Recipe Roundups

Recipe Roundups {Works for Me Wednesday}

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The Glamorous Life of a Writer


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40 Ideas for Build Your Own {Food} Bars

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WFMW: Wear the Perfume

Works for Me Wednesday: Wear the Good Perfume

When Mark and I were planning our wedding, we were young. Twenty and twenty-two, to be exact. At that point in my life, I'd never eaten a single meal off china, so when it came time to register for dishes, I was confident we'd never need china. (Yes, I was quite wise at that young age, wasn't I? … [Continue reading...]