What’s Your Road Trip Routine?


I was in the middle of writing a long, detailed post telling you all about my weekend (AKA, the reason I haven’t posted in several days). It was going to include lots of great photos and some bullet points, a few humorous asides and a deep thought or two.

In short, it was going to be great.

Then I got up to refill my giant cup with ice water and promptly dumped it all over my living room floor.

As I mopped up the mess I glanced at the clock and decided I was done. That post? It’ll wait. My bedtime, though? It will not. So instead, let’s talk about a very important matter: road trips.

What’s your road trip routine?

What do you…

…listen to?

How fast do you drive? Do you use cruise control? Take the back roads? Plan your pit stops?

And do you prefer to road trip alone – or with others? If others, who?

Here’s my Road Trip Rundown:

  • I pretty much always pack the morning of a trip. Partly because I procrastinate and partly because my wardrobe isn’t that big so I’m usually washing the clothes I want to wear and take at the last minute. Because I just wore them.
  • If I’m alone, I like to eat Cheez-Its and M&Ms. And drink Coke. I’m healthy like that. AS YOU KNOW.
  • Because I tend to drive too fast (or, strangely, too slow at night), I definitely use cruise control. Every mile I can.
  • Back roads? Pit stops? Whew – too many possible answers here! It depends on where we’re going and who’s going with me.
  • As for what I listen to, well, I use these things called CDs. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? In a history class? Heh. Seriously, my car doesn’t have a way for me to hook up my phone or iPod, so I really do listen to the radio and CDs. On the way to Arkansas last weekend, I listened to loud, kid-unfriendly pop music on the radio until the stations turned into static. Then I jammed to my Mamma Mia soundtrack and most of Mark’s Guns ‘N’ Roses greatest hits CD. I have confusing taste.
  • Last but not least, these days I really, REALLY enjoy the solo road trip. In the past, however, I’ve had great road trips with Annalyn – and I look forward to the day when Mark and I can hit the open road together, alone, again. (But…yeah…for now? Seven hours all by myself in the car? PURE BLISS.)

So, how about you? What’s your road trip routine?

(And now I’m going to peel off some wet socks that, apparently, absorbed more of that spilled water than the seven towels now sitting next to the washing machine.)

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