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On Attempting Adventure (WFMW)

I keep driving by this billboard. It’s promoting a concert and hot air balloon festival coming up later this week, and I want to go. But, until just now, I hadn’t bothered telling anyone I wanted to go. So, odds are, I’m not going to go. When I take personality tests, I’m always right on… Continue reading

The Easiest Way to Journal About My Kids

My cousin had children before I did, and I remember her mentioning that she kept notes in her planner about the kids’ milestones. I remember thinking that was the easiest version of a baby book I’d ever heard of — and that I’d certainly do the exact same thing when I had kids. I don’t… Continue reading

WFMW: The Shoe Dilemma

I wanted to be clever and title this post something like, “If the shoe fits…” or “When the shoe is on the other foot…” or “Waiting for the other shoe to drop…” But the truth is, that would have been more confusing than clever. Sad story. Still, I want to talk about shoes today. Both… Continue reading