Weekend Links, 6.27.15

Weekend Links via givinguponperfect.com

It has been a bit of a rough week at my house, what with the blasting heat and infesting lice. Is that the right way to say it? If I found half a dozen tiny bugs on my baby’s head, should I call it an infestation? Probably not. But that didn’t really stop me from hitting the “Burn Down the World” level of rage.

Luckily the scorching temps outside made me think twice about that.

ANYWAY. I cannot possibly stay upset about this past week’s struggles because this weekend I get to spend time with some of my very favorite people. (The friends-like-family of Strawberry Bruschetta fame, if you’re wondering.) And that just makes everything right. (Even more than the package of S’mores Oreos I bought at the store when shopping for lice-fighting supplies…)

I hope, no matter what your week has looked like, you find something to smile about this weekend. Here are some of my favorite posts from the week:

And one more just for fun: Every State Flag is Wrong, and Here’s Why.

Happy weekend, friends! And, please, share with us the best posts YOU read or wrote this last week in the comments!

Weekend Links, 6.20.15

Weekend Links at Giving Up on Perfect

It’s been a long time since I shared my favorite posts of the week here. I’ve tried to share on Facebook when I remember, but thanks to tricky algorithms and the mystery that is social media, many of you don’t get to see those posts. Since I personally value weekly roundups like this myself (because really, ain’t nobody got TIME to read ALL THE THINGS on the internet, and sometimes I just want someone to tell me what to read), I thought I’d get back to it here on my own blog.

Annalyn is currently lounging in our $17 baby pool in the front yard, yelling every 90 seconds or so, “Mommy! Mom! MOM! Are you almost done? When are you coming out here? Moooooom!” So I’m going to keep this short and sweet and get straight to the links. Ready?

Lastly, my friend Kayse Pratt is starting an online devotional/book club/Bible study sort of thing next week on the 24th. If I know Kayse, it will be no pressure and super encouraging. After all, she said in her post about this project: “From blog posts to books, I’m just weary of all the things everyone is telling me I “should” be doing to be a better wife or mom or me, for goodness sake.” You and me both, friend. Details here.

Happy weekend, friends! May your days include cool drinks and loud laughter and absolutely no mosquitoes.


Weekend Links {the Lent version}

A Sense of the Resurrection

My friend Amanda (the author of Truth in the Tinsel, an Advent experience for families) has released a new ebook. This one is a Lent experience for families called A Sense of Resurrection, and it is fantastic.

While the Christmas book leads families through 25 days of craft projects – something that has, at least so far, proven to be a bit MUCH for me despite how much I love it and want to do it – A Sense of Resurrection is both less and more intense. It includes printables, Scriptures and specific conversation and starting points so you and your kids can get a sense of the resurrection. Parents and children will make memories as they use their five senses to discover the real story celebrated on Easter.

You guys, it’s really cool.

Annalyn and I have started doing a special activity every Thursday afternoon, just the two of us. We’ve made cupcakes and practiced tying shoes so far, but I believe we’ll do activities from this book for the next several weeks.

You can buy your copy of A Sense of the Resurrection here.


And here are a couple more Lent links for you:

Finally, I wanted to let you know of a great Easter gift idea. What’s in the Bible has released the final DVD of the series: Hebrews to Revelation. To celebrate, Buck Denver and friends are offering 20% off orders over $75 (plus free shipping in the U.S.) with the code 20OFF.

That means if you wanted to buy the entire 13 video series, it would be just $135. Or go with the four videos that make up the New Testament for just $42.

[I know those prices might seem hefty for an Easter gift, but do what I did. Buy the whole bundle, then use it for holidays throughout the year. That’s what I did a couple years ago – gave Annalyn videos for Easter, her birthday and Christmas. She loved it!]

This discount is only good through TODAY (Sunday, March 9), so if you love hilarious puppets singing catchy songs and teaching the Bible in a way that’s both comprehensive and easy to understand . . . take advantage of it now!

[And now I have those catchy songs in my head. Do you know what’s in the Bible? … I don’t think your hair is pliable. … What’s that have to doooooo with the Bible?]

This post includes affiliate links. Tulip photo by Kıvanç Niş.

Weekend Links, 12.21.13

This will be the last Weekend Links post for a while. My very tentative plan is to share something year-end or best-of next weekend and then What I’m Into the following weekend. But from there on out, I’m going to have to take a break.

After all, a baby is coming in just a few weeks! And even though I can barely remember life with a newborn (it WAS six whole years ago!), I suspect I’ll be a bit too busy – or tired – to read and record the very best blog posts in the ‘sphere.

{Can we do that? Shorten “blogosphere” to “sphere”? I don’t know. It felt right, but it could still be wrong…}

Anyway, I didn’t even read many posts this week – and many of these I shared on my Facebook page. I might still do that during my kinda, sorta maternity break – so join us on Facebook, why don’t ya? (Because hello! We talk about all sorts of fun things over there, not just our favorite blog posts!)

Here are my favorite posts from the past several days:

And a couple places I wrote this past week outside this blog:

What are the best posts YOU’ve read and written lately?

Weekend Links, 12.14.13

Considering I just “marked all as read” for about 150 unread blog posts sitting in my Feedly reader, I might NOT be the best person to turn to for the latest and greatest of the blogosphere.

And then there’s the fact that I haven’t shared a links post the past few weekends . . . which means I have a big old long list of bookmarks saved in my Delicious account.

But I’m going to share anyway. Because I know how much I love links posts from other bloggers. I always find something awesome to read, something I missed or never would have found. So just in case you missed these great posts . . . just in case something here can move you, inspire you, comfort you or entertain you . . . I’m going to share.

Some Posts Making Me Think:

To the Mamas of Littles During the Holidays :: Vita Familiae
You have all the reasons in the world (imagine me pointing to those sticky little fingers that even now are exploring your nose while you read) to say “no” right now, even to yourself when you want to do something fun. If it makes you yell, it’s a No. Every time.

The Rhythm of Thanksgiving :: Kayla Aimee at (in)courage
Many thanksgivings have left my lips but none so full of truth than the day that I whispered it over you softly, so as not to overburden your yet unformed ears with the sound. Then they draped a blanket back over your isolette and I couldn’t see you, but I could see your heartbeats on a monitor and I counted every one in thanksgiving to its unsteady rhythm.

What My Mother Taught Me :: Shauna Niequist
Watching my mother while I as a young teenager gave me a front row seat to a hard, messy, important, beautiful transformation. I watched my mother become herself. I watched her come alive. I watched her discover her gifts. I watched her eyes sparkle when she returned from a meeting or a trip. I listened to her bubbling over with passion about what she was reading or learning.

Consumerism, Christmas & #FairTuesday :: Amy J. Bennett
And it’s not just chocolate. It’s our coffee, our clothes, our shoes, our purses—so many things. And y’all, it makes my heart so, so much. My purchases are hurting God’s people. I don’t care if I never look them in the face or know a name. My purchases matter. We hold so much power in our hands as consumers and what is our power doing? Making slaves of others. There is no other way to say it. It’s not being dramatic. It’s not guilt-tripping anyone. That is the truth.

Why Putting Christ in Christmas is Ridiculous :: Loved Like the Church
Celebrating Christmas isn’t a command. Nowhere does God tell us to celebrate Jesus’s birth with a holiday. Nowhere does God say that Jesus is the reason for the season. Actually, if we want to become pedantic, Jesus is the reason for ALL seasons. Perhaps {and this is a super radical thought} rather than harping about celebrating Jesus at Christmas, we could, I don’t know, celebrate Him all the time? Whoa. Mind-blown.

Some Posts Taking Care of Business:

Some Posts Making Me Laugh:

Some Posts Featuring or Written by Yours Truly:

Some Videos You Might Like as Much as I Did:

Danny & Mindy (from The Mindy Project) and Harry & Sally (from, well, you know) – SO CUTE. Almost as adorable as Danny’s gift of dance in the Christmas episode. (What? You missed it? WATCH IT NOW.)

You Shall Not Pass, Dog. And this is why I feel so safe at night. I have not just one, but two, fierce guard cats. (What’s that, real-life friends? You want to talk about the other night when I freaked out because my cats heard something – or SOMEONE – making noise in the backyard? HUSH. Just…hush. Go watch the kitty video.)

I get it. Some of you weirdos might not love cats or FOX sitcoms as much as I do. So tell me what videos…or posts…you’re loving right now! Share your favorites in the comments!