Weekend Links, 5.5.12

Remember how I complained about having too many unread posts in my Google Reader a couple weeks ago? Well, you’ll be happy to know that I a) cleared all those posts out of my reader, may they rest in peace and b) I unsubscribed from several blogs that either didn’t interest me anymore or simply posted too much content for me to keep up with.

Also, a side note. I just realized that I titled that links post “Weekend Links, 4.21.11.” Clearly I need to spend more time with a calendar.

Now that I’ve de-cluttered and re-organized my blog reading, I’m not overwhelmed anymore. (Well, I’m overwhelmed by some other things right now. But reading blogs is, thankfully, not one of them.) Here are my favorite posts from the past couple of weeks:

So, who has festive plans for Cinco de Mayo? (That’s today, if you are also calendar-challenged.) Nothing exciting going on at our house, other than a meeting for church, a possible shopping trip for a baby pool, and a marathon viewing of the last four episodes of Missing. (Are you watching that? We love it.) I’m sure we’ll eat Mexican food at some point this weekend, but that’s no different than any other weekend in my life.

In case you decide to be a little more festive than that and need ideas for Mexican dishes to make, here’s a list of several that I’ve made and here’s a super easy recipe for homemade salsa. As the most-annoying-high-pitched-voice-ever Dora would say, delicioso!

What are the best posts you’ve read and written lately? Please share it with us in the comments!

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