WFMW: Oreo Magic Brownies

Recipe for Oreo Magic Brownies

As I was working on some blog planning today, I realized that I missed a big day. National Oreo Day was last month, apparently. And we missed it!

Since I love all things Oreo and cookies-and-cream-flavored, this is indeed sad. Since I’ve rejoined Weight Watchers, this is probably for the best. (Although, looking at this completely objectively and logically, Oreo Day DID take place well before my first WW meeting…)

Still, once I got Oreos on the mind, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the delicious Oreo desserts I’ve made. It’s not a good idea for me to make one right now, but that won’t keep me from sharing an AMAZING recipe with you. YOU can make it!

(Please. Let me enjoy these brownies vicariously?)

So, let me introduce you to Oreo Magic Brownies. “Magic,” because they are magically delicious. SO GOOD. Seriously. Make them now! (And then tell me about it. No, wait, don’t. No! Do! Tell me how good they are!)

Oreo Magic Brownies

Original source: Cookies & Cups

1 box brownie mix and ingredients needed according to the package directions
1 (16.6 oz.) package Oreo cookies, divided equally into thirds, coarsely chopped
1 (8 oz.) tub of Cool Whip, thawed in fridge
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
2 cups powdered sugar
1½ cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 tbsp vegetable oil

Prepare brownies just like the package says, then add 1/3 of the chopped Oreos. Bake according to your package directions, and then let the brownies cool completely. Mix the cream cheese, powdered sugar and Cool Whip together, then add in another 1/3 of the chopped Oreos. Spread this mixture on top of the brownies.

Melt the chocolate chips and oil in the microwave (medium for about one minute should do it, stirring every 30 seconds or so). Spread or drizzle melted chocolate over the cream cheese layer, and then sprinkle the remaining Oreos on top. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

And then? Then ENJOY. Happy belated Oreo Day!

Do you like Oreos?

Works for Me Wednesday :: Giving Up on Perfect

It’s time for Works for Me Wednesday. I’m looking forward to your tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration! If this is your first time linking up with WFMW here, PLEASE read the guidelines I shared in this post. Highlights include linking your specific post, not the front page of your blog, and making sure to include a link back to this site in your WFMW. Thank you!!

Monday Morning Mmmm: Oreo Pudding Cake

I made my first ham yesterday. It turns out it’s about as easy as making a turkey. Take out of package, put in pan, cook for hours. I also got to use an electric knife for the first time to carve the thing.

It was a big day.

Obviously, Easter is about more than lunch and candy and bunnies. I hope you were able to celebrate the resurrection this weekend. Our church started a new sermon series that already, just one message in, is moving my heart. Stay tuned for a post about hope, based on what I heard yesterday in church!

After a great church service (and a little Easter egg hunt for Annalyn), my parents and I headed to my house for lunch. Mark helped with tear down (our church meets in a school), so I had a while to get everything on the table. The menu featured ham (seriously – a piece of cake!), bacon-wrapped green beans (because one pork just isn’t enough), deviled eggs (which were a disaster and I don’t even want to talk about peeling the shell off another one for at least another 11 months), orange jello salad from my mom (which Annalyn and I were happy to eat – and keep leftovers), crescent rolls (because I only had enough bananas for the muffins I’d signed up to take to church), and Oreo Pudding Cake.

Because I wasn’t sure how hard making a ham would be, I wanted a simple dessert.
I perused my Oreo Deliciousness board on Pinterest and found this recipe from The Country Cook.

If you’re looking for a complicated or whole-foods, from-scratch dessert, keep on moving. But if you’re looking for an easy-peasy, piece-of-cake cake? I’ve got the recipe for you! (And by the way, I’m just going to say that it was accurately categorized in a board called “Oreo Deliciousness”!)

Oreo Pudding Cake

1 box chocolate cake mix
Ingredients needed for cake (usually eggs, oil and water)
2 (4 oz) packages of instant Oreo pudding
4 cups milk
Crushed Oreos (optional)

Make the cake according to package directions. When cake is almost finished baking (or right after you take it out of the oven), mix together pudding and milk. Poke holes in warm cake with a straw or the end of a wooden spoon at about 1-inch intervals across the entire cake. Pour the pudding over the cake and smooth it out. Refrigerate for at least one hour before serving. (Sprinkle crushed Oreos on top before serving if you’d like. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t like. But according to the original recipe, this step is optional.)

I think I just really like cold cake. Because I remember how good my snickerdoodle cake is served cold, too. And now my favorite part of this cake (aside from the Oreos) is the fact that it’s cold!

What do you like better: cold cake or warm cake?

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Easily Impressed.

I think I’ve mentioned before how my sweet little girl is quite the drama queen. While that is irritating as all get out when she carries on for thirty minutes after bedtime over a TINY bug bite, it’s pretty sweet when she squeals in delight over the fact that I put clean sheets on her bed.

I suppose that’s the upside to her occasional nap time accidents.

The point is, though, that even when she’s misbehaving more than not (like last week, if you’re wondering), Annalyn is easily impressed. (At least for now!) Here are a few of the things that have impressed her lately:

1. Clean laundry. Now, don’t be making rude assumptions here. She’s not impressed because it’s rare! I’m actually not sure why clean clothes and sheets get her so tickled, but they do. Every time I sit on her bedroom floor and fold a basket of her clean clothes, she thanks me. She may not match up her socks like I ask her, but she always says thank you! And when I make up her bed with clean sheets? She jumps on her bed and rolls around saying, “Thank you! Thank you, Mommy, for my clean bed!”

I know. That is not normal behavior.

2. Craft projects. Or, as Annalyn calls it, doing a project. We haven’t done anything crafty lately, so she’s had to remain satisfied with coloring together. Which is impressive in itself, since I can – you know – stay in the lines. [Side note: Annalyn unintentionally colored in the lines the other day. Her response? “Now I can go to kindgergarten!” Um, not quite, baby girl.] This week, we’ll be making teacher appreciation gifts for her preschool teachers and the following week, I’m planning on us making a spring/summer banner. But, really, I could give her a pile of scrapbooking paper and a glue stick and she’d be just as happy!

3. Playing beauty salon or “sweethearts.” On Saturday, I didn’t feel great. So I lounged on the couch while Annalyn put every bow and clip she owns in my hair – and she was thrilled. Even better than that game, though, is her recent favorite: sweethearts. She pretends to be the mommy and I’m her “sweetheart.” Usually, she makes me take a nap and ride in the car to school. It’s not a bad gig, and it is her favorite thing to do these days! [She has been known to throw herself on the floor, sobbing, when I tell her we can’t play “sweethearts.” So just imagine how excited she is when we DO play!]

4. Cleaning together. Like rolling around on a clean set of sheets, Annalyn’s love of cleaning is weird. Thursdays are a big event in our house because my parents come over for dinner. Aside from the simple fact that she gets to see her grandparents, cleaning the house for them is Annalyn’s favorite part of the day. “Can I sweep, Mommy? I want the broom. Can I have the broom now? I want to sweep! Are we cleaning for Allie and Grandpa yet?”

And when I let her use baby wipes to clean the windows and any other dirty surface in the house? Well, you’d think I’d given the girl a pony!

5. Cooking together. Several times a week, Annalyn helps me cook dinner, dessert or other fun treats. And she LOVES it. I even asked her this weekend what her favorite things that I do are. Her answer? “Making cupcakes with me.” Of course, we MAY have been making Oreo Surprise Cupcakes at the time . . . !

How easily impressed are YOUR kids? How do you impress them?

Speaking of Oreos (yes, I’m doing that again), have you tried Oreo Fudge Cremes? There’s Oreo creme under that fudge! Oreo Fudge Cremes are a thin, fudge covered cookie with an Oreo creme twist. Yum! Try them in Original, Mint and now Peanut Butter Creme and Golden. Visit for more info. Compensation was provided for this post by Oreo Fudge Cremes via Glam Media. Of course, the opinions expressed here are my own and not indicative of the opinions or positions of Oreo Fudge Cremes. (Although, I’m sure if Oreo Fudge Cremes met my kiddo, they’d agree that she’s both sweet and melodramatic.)

Monday Morning Mmmm: Oreo Pudding Dessert

Anybody else moving a little slow this morning? Between loads of salty Superbowl foods, a Glee episode that went past my bedtime and a kiddo who woke up in the middle of the night, crying because she’d lost her [play] money, I am a teensy bit sluggish this morning. I’ll post the results of my Chinese New Year-themed Superbowl party later this week, but for now, I must tell you about the amazing dessert we ate last night!

When I link up to food carnivals, I try to click around to the other blogs that participate. Of course, a lot of the recipes I see merely make me hungry but don’t exactly propel me into the kitchen. The recipe might be too complex for my skill level liking or feature foods I plain don’t like (or, more likely, my husband doesn’t like). Or it might not fit with my health goals for the week…or my budget. But sometimes, I find a new recipe that I just KNOW is going to become a family favorite.

Oreo Delight from Balance Today is exactly that kind of recipe. When I read it (I don’t even remember which carnival helped me find it), I bookmarked it and starting plotting: How soon could I make this yummy-looking dessert, and who could I feed it to? The Superbowl – and our friends, Josh and Brittany – seemed like the perfect answer. (And it was. In case you’re wondering.)

In anticipation of returning to my hard-core dedication to Weight Watchers this morning, I didn’t actually eat that much of our Chinese dishes. But when it came time for dessert? I served everyone – including myself – a HUGE piece. And I loved it!

Oreo Pudding Dessert

1 package Oreo cookies
1 package instant sugar-free chocolate pudding
2 cups skim milk
1 cup powdered sugar
1 stick butter
8 ounces Weight Watchers cream cheese
16 ounces fat-free Cool Whip

Take two rows of Oreos, put them in a ziploc and crush them to bits. (Make sure you get regular Oreos, not double-stuffed. That will make this step much easier!) Melt the butter and mix in the crumbs. Press into a greased (or sprayed) 9×13 pan (or a deep 8×8 pan). Place in freezer for about five minutes until crust is hard.

Mix pudding as directed on box (this is where you use the milk in the ingredient list). In a separate bowl, mix softened cream cheese, half the Cool Whip and powdered sugar. Spread Cool Whip mixture on the crust, then pour pudding on top. After the pudding has set up (this takes just a few minutes in the fridge), spread the remaining Cool Whip on it and top with the rest of the Oreos (crushed into large pieces).

The original recipe from Balance Today suggests making more layers – two each of the Cool Whip mixture and pudding. If I had a trifle dish or a deeper 8×8 dish, I might have done that. But since I was working with a 9×13 (or, probably closer to 8×11 – I need to measure that pan!) dish, it worked better for me to have the four (total) layers.

Refrigerate for at least an hour before serving. I made this on Saturday night and served it Sunday evening. And it was AWESOME. (If I do say so myself!)

What was your favorite dish on Superbowl Sunday? (Or, if you don’t happen to be a football party type of person, over the weekend in general?)

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