WFMW: Oreo Magic Brownies

WFMW: Oreo Magic Brownies

As I was working on some blog planning today, I realized that I missed a big day. National Oreo Day was last month, apparently. And we missed it! Since I love all things Oreo and cookies-and-cream-flavored, this is indeed sad. Since I’ve rejoined Weight...

Monday Morning Mmmm: Oreo Pudding Cake

I made my first ham yesterday. It turns out it’s about as easy as making a turkey. Take out of package, put in pan, cook for hours. I also got to use an electric knife for the first time to carve the thing. It was a big day. Obviously, Easter is about more than...

Easily Impressed.

I think I’ve mentioned before how my sweet little girl is quite the drama queen. While that is irritating as all get out when she carries on for thirty minutes after bedtime over a TINY bug bite, it’s pretty sweet when she squeals in delight over the fact...

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