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The Power of “Me, Too”

We all have something. Most of us have lots of somethings. And you don’t have to broadcast them to the world. You don’t have to tell 30 people that you ate a whole pizza. But what would happen if you told one person about the real you and the real struggles you face?

Darkness can’t live in the light, and sharing our darkness inevitably brightens and lightens what seemed impenetrable and all-encompassing. And you never know who else is carrying the same burden. You just might find that you share your something and hear those powerful two words capable of flooding your heart and someone else’s with hope and encouragement: “Me, too.”

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2015 State of the Blog Address

This April I will have been blogging for seven years. Seven years! That’s considerably longer than I’ve held any one job, which is interesting. (To me. It’s interesting to me.) For the bloggers who began this journey around the same time as me, I think many of us have gone through similar stages: Beginning blogger:… Continue reading

Saying Yes to Saying No

A friend and I have had several conversations about being a high capacity person – or not, and learning to love people who have different capacities than we do. The other day I told her that I’m learning that I’m not as high capacity as I once was – or, at least, as I once… Continue reading