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WFMW: Pregnancy Survival Kits

About a year ago I ran across a great post on Marie’s blog. She wrote about how she’d made a First Trimester Survival Kit for a friend, and I was SO BUMMED. Not because I needed one (nope, not me!), but because I had just visited a pregnant friend and would have totally made her… Continue reading

The Power of “Me, Too”

We all have something. Most of us have lots of somethings. And you don’t have to broadcast them to the world. You don’t have to tell 30 people that you ate a whole pizza. But what would happen if you told one person about the real you and the real struggles you face?

Darkness can’t live in the light, and sharing our darkness inevitably brightens and lightens what seemed impenetrable and all-encompassing. And you never know who else is carrying the same burden. You just might find that you share your something and hear those powerful two words capable of flooding your heart and someone else’s with hope and encouragement: “Me, too.”

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WFMW: Friendship on Purpose

Sometimes friendship is hard. I’m kidding. Anytime friendship involves humans, it’s hard! Or maybe “hard” isn’t the right word, but it takes work. It takes commitment and forgiveness and so much grace. It takes the decision to be the friend you’d like to have, and it takes a whole lot of being intentional. As many… Continue reading