Project: Become an Editor

Finally – a step forward in my journey to becoming an editor. I’m going to Nashville next month to visit some friends, and I’ve been hoping to set up an informational interview with someone at one of the four Christian publishing houses there. I e-mailed someone at my first choice, Thomas Nelson, but never heard back. (Boo!)

Then I read that my previous fourth choice, Abingdon Press, is developing a new fiction line. (Yay!) So, I contacted the editor in charge of that new department. And what do you know, but that woman e-mailed me back right away!

Unfortunately, she says she became an editor 30 years ago, so she wouldn’t be the best person to give me advice.

BUT, she told me about an online course that other editors have taken. AND, she referred me to a freelance company that might be able to help me get started in the industry. (BIG yay!!)

So, this goes back to my comments about a goal without a plan just being a wish. I’m trying to move forward and have a plan and actually DO this thing. But, it’s a slow process. And, I won’t deny, really scary. But, I’ve taken a step.

Next goal: sign up for that online course and contact the freelance company!