Project: Become an Editor

Finally – a step forward in my journey to becoming an editor. I’m going to Nashville next month to visit some friends, and I’ve been hoping to set up an informational interview with someone at one of the four Christian publishing houses there. I e-mailed someone at my first choice, Thomas Nelson, but never heard back. (Boo!)

Then I read that my previous fourth choice, Abingdon Press, is developing a new fiction line. (Yay!) So, I contacted the editor in charge of that new department. And what do you know, but that woman e-mailed me back right away!

Unfortunately, she says she became an editor 30 years ago, so she wouldn’t be the best person to give me advice.

BUT, she told me about an online course that other editors have taken. AND, she referred me to a freelance company that might be able to help me get started in the industry. (BIG yay!!)

So, this goes back to my comments about a goal without a plan just being a wish. I’m trying to move forward and have a plan and actually DO this thing. But, it’s a slow process. And, I won’t deny, really scary. But, I’ve taken a step.

Next goal: sign up for that online course and contact the freelance company!

List of the Week, v2

What do you want to be when you grow up?
(Who am I – Brenda Starr or Dale Messick ?)
Today I’m neither girl reporter nor famous artist. But I’ve wanted to be both. See, I’ve wanted to be a lot of things. I actually spend a lot of time trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be, supposed to do. I think there’s something BIG out there with my name on it. But I don’t know what it is. Or how to figure it out. Someday (when I grow up), I might figure out which one of my ideas is right for me. Someday I’ll figure out what exactly God made me to do. Until then, I’ll just keep adding to my list…
  • Teacher (What teacher’s pet doesn’t want to be a teacher? Of course, I’m still a bit jealous of those summers off!)
  • Lawyer (I have to admit, this one still comes and goes occasionally.)
  • Cartoon artist (I went through this phase in middle school. I thought I was the next big cartoonist. It may have had something to do with the TV show, “Caroline in the City.”)
  • Animal rights activist (My seventh grade civics teacher showed us a video about cock fighting. I was appalled and briefly determined to do something about it.)
  • Novelist
  • Journalist (I went to college with this idea. I was very close to going to a large university specifically for this major, but ended up going to a smaller school. Good thing, since I changed my major after first semester when I learned that being a reporter isn’t exactly like being Brenda Starr or Lois Lane!)
  • Rock star (Right, like you don’t have this dream!)
  • Music teacher
  • Photographer
  • Psychologist (This was my next bright idea in college – spent a couple semesters thinking I would be a counselor. Not a bad idea, but it wasn’t the right one, either.)
  • Small business owner/entrepreneur
  • Event planner (This is where my career began. It was a good place, but not the ultimate place for me.)
  • Fundraiser
  • College professor (Turns out it only took two hostile golfers in my Speech 101 class to change my mind about changing young lives this way.)
  • PR specialist (Okay, so nobody really dreams of being a “specialist,” but it’s my title for now.)
  • Book editor
  • Book publicist
  • Party planner, photographer and scrapbooker (surely there’s a market for this?!)
  • Writer (Some days, I really think I have a book in me. What kind of book, you ask? I don’t know yet…but I’ll let you know when I do!)

I’ve thought for more than a year (way more than that if you go back to when I originally thought of it in college) that I should be a Christian book editor. It’s possible that this is “it,” what I’ve been looking for. What I’m made to do. For the record, I don’t know how to get into this career, since I’m fairly entrenched in another career path. But I do know that if this is God’s plan for me, we’ll figure it out somehow!

What kind of job dreams do YOU have? What will YOU be when you grow up?