With toddlers like these, who needs teenagers?

On Monday night, Annalyn woke up crying. Actually, it was technically Tuesday morning. Whatever you call it, it was dark – what we call “sleep time” in our house.

She didn’t calm down on her own (and it’s strange for her to do this in the first place), so I went in and rubbed her back. “What’s wrong, baby?”

“The PAINT on my FINGERS is coming off!” she wailed. WAILED.

You would have thought the world was, in fact, ending. I very calmly and without a hint of laughter said, “It’s okay, sweets. Just go back to sleep. It’s still sleep time.”

“But THE PAINT! Waaaahhhh!”

I finally had to tell her that if she didn’t quiet down and go to sleep, I would NOT put more paint on her fingers. It was a great way to spend an hour in the middle of the night.

Just over 24 hours later, on Wednesday morning, my little drama queen woke up early, though not technically during sleep time. Shortly after 6:30, she woke ME up, crying.

I went in, told her whiny self good morning and informed her, gently of course, that I’d get her out of her crib when she stopped whining.

So she did. And I did.

But as soon as I pulled her multicolor gingham skirt set out of the closet, she started throwing a doozy of a fit.

“I want to wear a DRESS!!!”

Normally, I indulge her. If the girl wants to wear a dress, I usually let her wear a dress. But that day, all her clean dresses (that fit) were in the laundry. So a skirt set it was.

But no. She wanted to throw a fit. Finally, in frustration, I told her that she could either quit crying or go back in her crib, naked, while I took my shower. “Is that what you want?” I asked her.


Okey-doke. I put her (mostly naked, but she was wearing underwear) back in her crib, and I took my shower.

When I got out, I asked her if she was ready to behave nicely and put her clothes on. She said NO.

After that, I went back every few minutes and asked her the same thing. Each time, I got the same hateful answer. And the whole time, she was crying and hollering and pitching one heck of a fit.

Finally, we had to leave. So I wrestled her into her outfit, shoes and ponytail, and I picked her up to head out.

It was at THAT point that she decided to kick it up a notch. THAT is when the screaming started. At the TOP of her LUNGS.

She continued to scream all the way through the house into the car and all the way to her daycare. As we pulled up, I said (calmly, and I’m not sure where that calm even CAME from), “You can keep this up if you want. It’s your choice. But I’m going to carry you inside, and ALL your friends are going to see you acting like an animal.”

I know. Harsh, right? Totally mean. But IT DIDN’T PHASE HER.

She kept screaming. All the way up the sidewalk, into the daycare and down the hall. When her teacher said, “Annalyn! What is WRONG with you?” she didn’t even stop to take a breath. She just KEPT SCREAMING.

Her teacher urged me to just leave, so I did. And I only cried a little.

I have NEVER seen her act that way. She was completely out of control! I know it was a full moon this week – and even my cats were kind of spazzing out. And I know we’ve been too busy and had too little family time lately.

But seriously? More than an HOUR of the worst fit I’ve ever seen? What the heck???

Thankfully, about 25 minutes after I left her (SCREAMING) at daycare, her teacher called me at work to say that she’d calmed down. He even made her get on the phone and apologize to me.

She was fine when I picked her up that night. I told her that she’d made me really sad, and she apologized again. I told her that I forgive her and she hugged me.


And here’s the kicker: I can’t even say, “Where on earth would she GET this?” Because, um, YEAH. I know. I can remember times not so long ago when I cried so hard I made myself physically sick.

Poor girl. The crazy comes naturally. Too bad it has to be so LOUD.

This post will be linked to Friday Fails. Because, well . . . do I have to explain?

How was YOUR week?


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The One That Made Me Cry (List of the Week, v4)

I don’t think I’m a completely unstable person. My husband might tell you differently, but since I’m the one writing…Anyway. I’m really not a basketcase. I am, however, a crybaby. So when I realized how long it had been since I gave you a list of the week, I thought I’d tell you about some of the things that make me cry.

Plus, I tried and tried to put together a 4th of July post, and it just didn’t happen. The last thing on my list is where I started – and where I ended. I just couldn’t get past my emotions for that post. So okay, maybe I am a tad bit over the edge. But really, doesn’t anyone else cry at any of these things? (Or maybe even something else? Like Hallmark commercials or something?)

Good worship music – This usually happens at church or in my car. I’m so affected by music that God speaks to me so clearly with it. It can be convicting, overwhelming or encouraging – no matter, it can make me cry.

TV series finales – I have a slight addiction to finales. I don’t know what it is that makes me tune in every time, but I do. Even if I don’t normally watch a show, if I hear that the final show is coming up, I’ll watch it! I started watching Friends when it was announced they were doing the last season. (Turns out it was not, in fact, the last season, but I watched from then until the end the next year. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode since, thanks to reruns.) It doesn’t even have to be a series finale. I watched Michael J. Fox’s last episode of “Spin City“. I hadn’t watched the show in a few years, but I watched that episode. And bawled like a baby.

Weddings – I’m sitting here watching a wedding show on TLC and got teared up. And as I stood at the front of the sanctuary for my brother’s wedding and watched my strong and beautiful sister-in-law walk down the aisle by herself, I kid you not, I had a hiccup sob. I couldn’t keep it in! So it doesn’t matter if it’s my friend’s second wedding that I wrote about earlier or two strangers I’ve never met or even two fictional characters, if it’s a sweet or poignant or wonderful wedding, I will cry.

Abused, sick or neglected animals, children or old people – There is a commercial on TV right now; I think it’s for the ASPCA. It shows dog after cat after cat after dog – all of them somehow managing to look sadly into the camera – all to a mournful Sarah McLaughlin song. And it is the longest commercial ev-er. I have to change the channel every time it comes on. I just cannot handle it. Something else I can’t handle? The grandma scenes in Happy Gilmore. I know – that is not a sad movie. But seeing that little grandmother get treated so badly – even if it’s by a ridiculous Ben Stiller character – just hurts my heart. Not because I think it’s real, but because I’m sure things like that happen in real life! And don’t even get me started about sick kids. After working for a health charity, I know too many stories to take any child’s situation lightly.

My daughter – I’ve cried over her first laugh, looking at her face when she sleeps, thinking about how many things could go wrong in her life, thanking God for all the things that have already gone right, and in desperation when I couldn’t stop her from crying. And I have a feeling there will be many more tears over my little sweet pea!

Inspiring sports moviesI’m not an athlete. As a matter of fact, I don’t really enjoy sports much at all. And I will admit that I’ve cried due to failing at sports in the past. That should really make me hate sports. But the cliched scene of the underdog managing a victory in the last few seconds of the game – well, it gets me every time. You know the stories I’m talking about: Radio, We Are Marshall, Glory Road, Remember the Titans, Hoosiers, A League of Their Own, Field of Dreams, The Sandlot, even Friday Night Lights. Like I said, I don’t really like sports. But I seem to love their movies. (And this video? Bring on the Kleenex!)

Is There Life Out ThereReba McEntire’s video for this song makes me cry every time I see it. She plays a wife and mother who goes back to school to get her college degree. And that’s exactly what my mom did 20 years ago. Each time Reba says, “I learned more from the stain than I did the paper,” I break down, thinking of how hard my mom worked, all the sacrifices our family made, and how proud of her I am.

Our military and the war – My grandad was in the Army, so I was raised with a deep respect for our country, our flag and our military. With everything that’s gone on in our nation the past seven years, that feeling has only grown. No matter what you believe about our leaders and their strategies and choices, the men and women who risk and sometimes sacrifice their lives for us are heroes. Plain and simple. And that’s why I cry when I hear patriotic country songs (this one caused a breakdown in my car), read military-themed books (sobbing on my couch), watch TV shows about the Army (sniffling every Monday night), or look through Mad Dog’s Iraq scrapbook. I almost can’t stand how sad it makes me. On the other hand, it makes me so proud and thankful. “Thank you” doesn’t seem adequate, but I still have to say it. To those who serve our country, thank you.

By the way…onions don’t actually make me cry. (But they’re about the only thing that doesn’t!)

Update: I wrote this post and scheduled it for today before I heard some bad news. A couple I know from college lost their baby yesterday. The wife was 9 months pregnant and had not experienced any problems. But her water broke and she didn’t deliver soon enough.

I can only imagine how excruciating this situation must be for them, and honestly, I’m sure anything I can imagine is still nothing compared to their pain. I’m praying for them, of course. They are believers, so I pray that will carry them through this time. I don’t understand why these things happen. Things like this – as well as my questions following them – also make me cry.