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Compassion in Ecuador :: An Interview

September is a big month for Compassion International. In an effort to raise awareness of the organization’s mission and services and to release more than 3,100 children from poverty, Compassion is working with bloggers around the world to share stories, insights and resources with our readers. Whether by coincidence or providence, I was excited to… Continue reading

Teaching Kids About Gratitude & Giving

How many types of ketchup do we really need? My daughter has always been observant to an uncanny degree. This means, first of all, that you cannot have “for grown-up ears only” conversations around her, make promises (or threats) you don’t intend to keep, or expect her to simply forget about the slightly traumatizing or… Continue reading

On being a Compassion blogger

If you’ve been reading my blog for any time at all, you may have noticed that I occasionally write about Compassion International. For those of you who visit my actual site (versus reading in Google Reader or on your phone), you can see I have a big Compassion banner in my sidebar, too. Why do… Continue reading

Weekend Links: Compassion in Tanzania

Did you follow the Compassion bloggers’ trip to Tanzania last week? I missed the whole thing when I was out of commission for several days, but as soon as I could, I caught up. In case you missed it, too, here are all the posts! The Nester Well, I Didn’t Expect to Meet HER in… Continue reading