Family Meals, Balanced Plates – and Pizza?!

CPK Frozen Pizza - Balance My Plate

Last week was a hectic week at my house. I was trying to get ready for our family vacation, while also attempting to finish all projects due that week and this week. (I did not succeed, in case you're wondering.) Add in a husband working on odd shift for the week, a last-minute road trip to attend a … [Continue reading...]

WFMW: Love the Ones You’re With

Works for Me Wednesday: Love the Ones You're With

At one point yesterday I was so over my family I daydreamed for a minute about leaving them at Mount Rushmore. Yes, it's that time: family vacation time. And for some reason, as I was packing and planning and putting enough snacks for a much larger family in individual snack-sized bags, I forgot … [Continue reading...]

Being There


Last week my cousin's father-in-law died. I know how devastating that is (my mother-in-law died unexpectedly 14 years ago), and I wanted to do something, to make my cousin feel a little better, to help. Sometimes, though, what a person really needs is for friends and family to simply BE THERE, not … [Continue reading...]

16 Children’s Books about the Library

Works for Me Wednesday :: Giving Up on Perfect

At my house, we love the library. And books. And reading. Basically, we're pretty big book nerds around here. But I know that's not the case for everyone. Okay, actually, it's not the case for Mark. And while this list of children's books about the library might not help him, it might help the … [Continue reading...]

Why We Care So Much About Celebrity Marriages

Why We Care So Much About Celebrity Couples

Last week a cry was heard 'round the Internet as news broke that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are divorcing. I know, I know. You thought that outrage and anguish was the result of another news report about ISIS or the devastating stories of black churches being burned. Nope. Settle down. … [Continue reading...]