24 Places I Want to Take My Daughters

Top Places I Want to Take My Daughters

A couple years ago my friend Amanda started - and posted - a list of 100 places she wants to take her kids. At the time I thought it was a great idea. Ambitious and overwhelming, maybe, but great! Maybe I could make a list of my own . . . nah. One hundred is a LOT, you know!? But then a couple … [Continue reading...]

WFMW: Road Trips with Kids

WFMW: Road Trips with Kids

Annalyn is on spring break this week, so yesterday we took a little road trip. Good friends of ours live three hours away, so we met halfway between our houses for lunch and a couple hours in the park. Driving the three-hour round trip (and managing the acrobatics required to hold a … [Continue reading...]

15+ Princess Books for Smart, Strong Girls

15+ Princess Books for Smart, Strong Girls

"I save the kingdom. As usual."   Though it's not hard to find boring and/or sexist fairy tales with helpless princesses in the children's book section, these days a parent can also find plenty of not-so-typical princess stories that teach kids about kindness, bravery, individuality and … [Continue reading...]

DaySpring FLASH SALE (Today Only)

teddy bear sale

I love DaySpring's stuffed animals. They are super soft and a great huggable size, and they go on sale often enough for me to keep a small stock of them for baby showers and other baby-related gift occasions! If you're in the market for an adorable teddy bear (baby shower? baby birth? Easter … [Continue reading...]

WFMW: Tea Cups and Princess Dresses

Works for Me Wednesday :: Giving Up on Perfect

On the way to my mom's house on Saturday, Annalyn gasped. "Mom! I'm not wearing any pants!" Don't worry, friends. I didn't let my daughter out of the house half naked! She was wearing a long dress. For quite a while now I've had her wear tights, leggings or shorts under skirts and dresses because … [Continue reading...]