31 Days of Not Sorry Worked for Me

Whew! October went by FAST, you guys. Of course, it always does. With a birthday, an out-of-town conference, a fall break and parent-teacher conference, and a Halloween, our fall calendar is always full. But when you add a 31 Days writing challenge to it? Well, that’s just craziness. But it was a good crazy! I… Continue reading

Why a Baseball Game Made Me Cry

I did something I’ve never done before this morning. I tuned into our local sports radio station – on purpose – and listened to it all morning. As we drove toward the elementary school, my oldest daughter (and recent Royals superfan) said, “Soooo…they’re just replaying the game from last night, right?” Yep. Practically on a… Continue reading

Would You Join My [Book Launch] Team?

Ever since the phenomenon that was sparkly vampire books, people have been #TeamThis or #TeamThat. Recently, as we’ve all been talking about the Very!Very! exciting news that Gilmore Girls will be returning to TV, I’ve admitted to being #TeamJess myself. Today I’m hoping that some of you would like to be #TeamChooseJoy. As you might… Continue reading