Saying Yes to Saying No

The Best Yes superhero cape

A friend and I have had several conversations about being a high capacity person - or not, and learning to love people who have different capacities than we do. The other day I told her that I'm learning that I'm not as high capacity as I once was - or, at least, as I once believed I was. In … [Continue reading...]

If You Build It: GoldieBlox and Girls


This summer Annalyn started saying the worst thing. I'm not referring to her sass-mouth that just about puts me over the edge in approximately 3.7 seconds. No, I'm talking about this phrase: "I'm not good at this." She's said this about dozens of different tasks, and it's driving me up the … [Continue reading...]

What I’m Into :: August 2014

What I'm Into :: August 2014

Ahhh, the end of August, you're the best. We're saying goodbye to summer (which makes me sweat) and saying hello to school (which makes me smile). And best of all? The end of you means the beginning of fall. And fall is my favorite. That doesn't mean August is all bad, of course! It's not. … [Continue reading...]

Dark Hope: A Book Review


My first job was at the public library in the next town over. I loved that job for many reasons, one of which was getting first dibs on returned books. This was years before online requests and self-checkout. This was before Amazon and Goodreads and Oprah's Book Club. The only way to find a good … [Continue reading...]

No More Putting Off the Cure for Perfectionism


I wrote this post at 11:30 last night. I could give you a list of reasons why I just didn't have time until then - and, thanks to years in public relations, I could make it sound real convincing - but the truth is I just procrastinated. Like I do. All the time. ALL THE DANG TIME. Because I'm a … [Continue reading...]