Early Black Friday Sale at DaySpring


Dayspring is starting its huge holiday sales early! These items would make great gifts, but several would also be fun decorations for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, too. (I guess in theory you could buy one for a friend and one for yourself at these prices! In theory, I said!) My … [Continue reading...]

40 Days ’til Christmas – What?! [SALE]

Weekend Sale - Dayspring

Look, I don't like it anymore than you do. But the calendar doesn't lie. We have 40 days to finish our shopping before Christmas. My goal - like every other year - is to finish early so I can relax and enjoy the fun and meaningful parts of the season more. I don't always get it done, but sales like … [Continue reading...]

Easing my Mind with a Motorola Monitor


Daylight Savings has wreaked havoc with the sleeping schedules at my house. Yours too? One day my girls are sleeping until 7:30 or 8:00 am each day and then, with the flip of a DST switch, BAM! Everybody is up early! It's light! Time to get up! LET'S GET UP NOW!!! Ugh. [Side note: I realize … [Continue reading...]

The Good, the Bad and the Cancelled


It's that time of year when we talk about how fast time flies, when we lament the loss of autumn and short sleeves and those days when our kids were so cute and well-behaved. (That was a thing, right? Back then, before time went so fast and we got here?) It's also that time of year when we talk … [Continue reading...]

Putting Marriage on Your Holiday List {MomAdvice}

Winter Evening

Life is busy in all seasons, but the holidays can turn that craziness up to 11. Whether you call it a bucket list or a to-do list or a countdown to Christmas or end of year chaos, it’s likely you have some sort of plan and at least a few goals for the last two months of the year. I do. Even … [Continue reading...]