The Most Important Thing?


I've gotten hooked on this new TV show called, "Chasing Life." It's about a girl in her twenties with leukemia. {I'm pretty sure we can thank John Green for this kid-cancer story trend.} Last week's episode included a conversation between another young guy with cancer and the main character, who … [Continue reading...]

Waffles & Wallabies & Weekend Road Trips

4th of July girls

Last weekend we took our third road trip in about six weeks. If I had any dreams of writing a post called, "How to Travel with a Newborn," THAT WAS DUMB. Unless the people of the internet have just been waiting for my "take the baby for a drive until she falls asleep and let her sleep in the car … [Continue reading...]


Sparkler 4th of July

I'm incredibly grateful for the freedoms we have as Americans. And, especially after one more politically charged week, I appreciate a day when we can set aside our differences and celebrate the country we're blessed to live in. But most of all, I'm thankful for the men and women who have sacrificed … [Continue reading...]

What I’m Into :: June 2014

adrienne pool

What on earth? You're telling me summer is almost half over? BUT ALL WE'VE DONE IS SUMMER SCHOOL! Okay, that's not quite true. We've done more than that. Annalyn took a week off summer school for theater camp. We saw the first half of an outdoor stage production of Wizard of Oz. It was really … [Continue reading...]

Family Recipe: Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownies

Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownies |

You all were so welcoming to my brother this spring when he shared his recipe for Corn Casserole with Bacon. So it only made sense to ask him to write about his ah-maze-ing brownie recipe. I was even going to make a little joke about "brownie points." Then I read his rant post (originally titled … [Continue reading...]