Family Recipe Friday: White Chicken Chili

Recipe for White Chicken Chili

It's been a while since my brother shared one of his ah-maze-ing recipes with us. Back in the fall, he brought a pot of this white chicken chili to Annalyn's birthday party. You guys? It was SO GOOD. As I told Smitty, "It looks kind of gross, but it is DELICIOUS." So of course I asked him to write … [Continue reading...]

WFMW: Fair Trade Friday

Works for Me Wednesday :: Giving Up on Perfect

I am so excited to wear these earrings! Not [just] because they're pretty. And not [just] because they're dangly and gold, and I like dangly and am trying to work more gold into my jewelry rotation. But because they came from my first Fair Trade Friday box. That means these earrings are not just … [Continue reading...]

Monday Morning Notes, vol. 5

blurry adrienne

I really need to take more photos with my actual camera. My phone doesn't take the best pictures anyway, and now that Adrienne is so active, it's impossible to get a decent, non-blurry shot. Also, when I try to take pictures after dark in my house, they turn out super yellow. And, as it turns … [Continue reading...]

What I’m Into :: January 2015

Birthday cake

Awww, look at that baby! That baby who's not a baby anymore! We didn't do a big blowout birthday party this year, but we did have cake. And, really, is there anything more disgusting than an adorable baby-not-baby smeared with frosting? In the real-life category of what I've been into this past … [Continue reading...]

Organize Your Life {$250 Giveaway}

Organize Your Life - a $250 giveaway to!

Last month my friend Kayse wrote an extremely thorough review of several great family and business planners. It was awesome. AND it introduced me to Erin Condren. Maybe you already know her (I do tend to be the last to hear about awesome things...), but in case you don't, Erin is a designer who … [Continue reading...]