When You Need a Little Fabulous


A couple weeks ago Annalyn went to theater camp. Because we need more drama in our house. Melodrama and emotional theatrics aside, she loved the camp. Singing and dancing all day with new friends who love to sing and dance all day was just about all the fun my little actor could take. At the end … [Continue reading...]

Weekend Links, 6.20.15

Weekend Links at Giving Up on Perfect

It's been a long time since I shared my favorite posts of the week here. I've tried to share on Facebook when I remember, but thanks to tricky algorithms and the mystery that is social media, many of you don't get to see those posts. Since I personally value weekly roundups like this myself (because … [Continue reading...]

Mama Still Loves Her Shows, vol. 2


Mama {Still} Loves Her Shows is a monthly column, named after my short-lived television blog. My favorite part of this new feature is answering YOUR questions about TV, so make sure you leave all your burning questions in the comments! This month I'll answer a question from Kristin, but first … [Continue reading...]

WFMW: Making Small Changes & Unsweet Tea

Making Small Changes - and Unsweet Tea

When I wrote about taking baby steps toward a goal last month, I was frustrated with the slow progress I'm making on Weight Watchers. I wish I could tell you things have changed in that arena, but they have not. I'm still lousy at making the right choices when it comes to food and exercise and not … [Continue reading...]

On Seeing What You Want to See


A friend came over to visit and while she was at my house, she used the bathroom. Later, I mentioned that a book I’m reading about cleaning and organizing was making me feel lousy about my own less-than-stellar housekeeping. I was completely shocked when she replied: “Well, every time I come to … [Continue reading...]