Photo Booth Fun Works for Me (WFMW)

When I first started dreaming up ideas for my book launch party, I tried to think of ways to add JOY to the event. That makes sense, right? I immediately thought of a flash mob. And then I thought of Jimmy Fallon. I mean, flash mobs and Jimmy Fallon bits (specifically those involving lip sync… Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Event Day Awesome (WFMW)

[Side note (yes, before I’m even getting started): Searching for a photo about parties immediately led me to a startling number of pictures from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s recent movie, Sisters. I saw that movie and it was outrageous and hilarious – but holy cow, I would die if I ever attended, much less… Continue reading

WFMW: Pregnancy Survival Kits

About a year ago I ran across a great post on Marie’s blog. She wrote about how she’d made a First Trimester Survival Kit for a friend, and I was SO BUMMED. Not because I needed one (nope, not me!), but because I had just visited a pregnant friend and would have totally made her… Continue reading