On Attempting Adventure (WFMW)

I keep driving by this billboard. It’s promoting a concert and hot air balloon festival coming up later this week, and I want to go. But, until just now, I hadn’t bothered telling anyone I wanted to go. So, odds are, I’m not going to go. When I take personality tests, I’m always right on… Continue reading

We did church.

When I was a kid, our pastor had a message he shared during the children’s story about once a year. He’d remind us that the building we were in — the pews and the pulpit, the classrooms and the choir loft — wasn’t the church. He’d explain that the people made the church, and then… Continue reading

To the Ones Searching for Falling Stars

One summer night we gathered at a friend’s house to celebrate her birthday. I don’t remember how we got from her living room to the field on her grandparents’ farm; I just remember being there. And I don’t recall what we talked about that kept us awake long after the sun and the moon set…. Continue reading