What Were You Born to Do?

What were you born to do?

I've been lamenting my daughters' solemn resting faces lately. They're happy girls but sometimes - like when I try to take their pictures! - they just won't smile. I blame Mark's family. They're notorious for not smiling in photos (like, say, our wedding photos. Hypothetically speaking, of … [Continue reading...]

WFMW: Finding Podcasts & Fringe Hours

Finding the Best Podcasts for my Fringe Hours | givinguponperfect.com

After I drop Annalyn off at school each morning, I turn up the radio and flip back and forth between my two favorite stations. I'm not searching for music, though; I'm hoping to find the morning show DJs talking. I've loved listening to the silly banter of morning shows since I first began … [Continue reading...]

If I Could Turn Back Time…

If I Could Turn Back Time... | givinguponperfect.com

When I saw an ad this winter for a new TV show called Hindsight, I was intrigued. The ad was colorful and fun, and the fact that it was on VH1 didn't even register. Once I read the synopsis, though, the Nostalgia Channel ever made perfect sense as this show's home. Also? After reading one little … [Continue reading...]

Choosing Joy & Savoring Moments

Choose Joy & Savor Moments | via givinguponperfect.com

This has not been my favorite week. I haven't felt well. My weekly weigh-in was discouraging. I've been grouchy and tired. My family has been irritating. It's just not been a great week. Right now I'm sitting on the couch, next to a pile of stuff - papers and forms and STUFF that needs to be … [Continue reading...]

When You Realize How Small Baby Steps Are

Taking Baby Steps Toward a Big Goal

So you set a goal. You knew it was big, that it would take a lot of hard work and perseverance. Maybe it would even take a long time to get there. You knew that going in. So you jumped right in, giving it your all, doing your very best. Working hard, praying hard. Getting accountability and … [Continue reading...]