Jesus Calling SALE at Dayspring

jesus calling incourage edition

Happy Monday! Dayspring has a big sale going on right now (through September 1) that I didn't want you to miss. All Jesus Calling items are 40% off with the code JCOFF40. You can get the original book, of course, but Dayspring also offers perpetual calendars, cards and more. You can see the whole … [Continue reading...]

The Best Time Travel Books of All Time

22 of the Best Time Travel Books

I read a lot of books. I do not read a lot of books twice. Actually, I read VERY FEW books more than once. Aside from the Chronicles of Narnia (when I was a child) and the Percy Jackson series (when I was - OKAY FINE - last year), two of the only books that come to mind as second-readers both happen … [Continue reading...]

28 SIMPLE After-School Snack Ideas

snack ideas

We have a snack problem at our house. Namely, we like them too much. And by "we," I mostly mean my six-year-old, but she learned it from me. [Cue the commercial flashback now: "I learned it from watching you, okay?!"] Given the choice between three meals and all-day snacking, we'd both choose the … [Continue reading...]

Encouraging Your Child’s Imagination


A couple months ago I posted this on Facebook: “Annalyn gets so into character when she plays make believe that when she says, in a panic, “Mom! Where’d you put our helium tank?” I actually think, “Hmmm…where DID I put that helium tank?”   (Guys, WE DON’T HAVE A HELIUM TANK.)” Now, … [Continue reading...]

S’mores in a Jar + 16 More S’mores Recipes

More S'mores in a Jar

Earlier this summer a friend posted a s'mores-themed recipe to my Facebook wall. And last week my mom slipped me a {different} s'mores-themed recipe that she'd ripped out of a magazine. Apparently I've become the s'mores lady. I think I'm cool with that. Sunday is National S'mores Day, so of … [Continue reading...]