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BOGO Mug Sale

I drank coffee this morning. As some of you may know, I am not actually a coffee drinker. As in, I like the way it smells but can't stand the way it tastes. But this morning I decided to give it another try. With a whole lot of skim milk and stevia. It seemed to work as advertised. I was actually … [Continue reading...]

WFMW: A Solution for My Book Problem

Works for Me Wednesday :: Giving Up on Perfect

Something really sad happened this week. I returned three novels to the library - unread. Unread! And I just returned them! {Yes, you're right. We SHOULD pause for a moment of silence here. Sad, sad silence...} If you're wondering why on earth I would have done such a crazy thing, it's because … [Continue reading...]

Enjoy Your Life: Guest Post from Kayse Pratt

pink tulip  in pot on wooden background

My friend Kayse is a kindred spirit. She GETS me and the kind of mom I am - and how different the reality is from what I want it to be sometimes. And she loves the same kind of TV shows I do. And she's sweet and encouraging and so generous as a friend. So when she told me about her new e-course, I … [Continue reading...]

On Being (or Not) a Beautiful Cake


A couple weeks ago the girls and I drove to church in a light rain. Mark was a few minutes behind us, driving separately so he could help with tear down after service (our church meets in a school). As we pulled into the parking lot, I hesitated. How was I going to get the three of us inside without … [Continue reading...]

WFMW: New Seasons & New Art (and a Discount!)

WFMW: New Seasons & New Art

For the first time since beginning preschool, Annalyn is not excited to start the school year. Buying a new Frozen backpack helped a little, but she's still not very pumped about the second grade. I think it's because until back to school night, we won't know who her teacher is or who her classmates … [Continue reading...]