Mama [Still] Loves Her Shows

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Once upon a time I started a TV blog. It was called, "Mama Loves Her Shows," and it was awesome. It was also, as some of my favorite shows have been, short-lived. It didn't take long - just a few months, actually - for me to realize I could not possibly keep up two blogs. So since then, my many … [Continue reading...]

WFMW: Antioxidants & Healthy Eating

Works for Me Wednesday :: Giving Up on Perfect

So, I'm back on the wagon. The weight-watching wagon, I mean. The combination of some recent family photos and a "sign up now and get three months half off!" email was too much to resist, so once again (AGAIN.) I began eating fruit and writing down everything I eat and thinking about actually … [Continue reading...]

When You Feel Overlooked or Forgotten

When You Feel Overlooked

My neighborhood is bursting with color right now. Our next door neighbor has a gorgeous dogwood tree full of pink and white flowers, one that delights me each spring with its blossoms (and disappoints me when they inevitably fall to the ground). The rose bush outside Adrienne's bedroom window has … [Continue reading...]

WFMW: Short Seasons

WFMW - Short TV Seasons

Today it was really hot - at least for April in Missouri. At 84 degrees, I regretted my choice to wear jeans and sincerely considered turning on the air conditioner. I didn't. But I thought about it. After school Annalyn asked me how high the temperature had gotten, and she said, "Yay! It's … [Continue reading...]

A Time for Grace and Starting Fresh

Finding Fresh Mercies

It makes sense that we celebrate Easter in spring. Even more than New Year's Day, this is the time of year that's full of fresh starts and new possibilities. Today, the day after we remember that the tomb is empty, that He is risen, that we have been saved by God's all-encompassing, … [Continue reading...]