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5 Ideas for Awesome Autumn Dates (WFMW)

Fall is my favorite season. October, in particular, is my favorite month; it’s the month when I met my husband and when my oldest daughter was born. But I’m pretty partial to the entire leaf-changing, sweater-wearing, pumpkin-craving time of year. (Although if September doesn’t COOL IT with the summery weather this year, we are going… Continue reading

The Magical Marriage Fixer-Upper

This week Mark and I will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. Clearly that means I was a child bride (right? RIGHT.). But more than that, it means I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be married – and a lot of it the hard way. Though I’m happy to say my marriage is… Continue reading

Same As It Ever Was

I cranked up the music because nothing makes cleaning enjoyable but music makes it a little better. It doesn’t, however, drown out the soundtrack in my head: This sucks! I hate cleaning! Why doesn’t it ever end? Stupid dishes! Stupid dirty floors! Why do we have so much laundry? Blergh! As the Talking Heads sang,… Continue reading