Jesus Calling SALE at Dayspring


Happy Monday!

Dayspring has a big sale going on right now (through September 1) that I didn’t want you to miss. All Jesus Calling items are 40% off with the code JCOFF40. You can get the original book, of course, but Dayspring also offers perpetual calendars, cards and more. You can see the whole collection here.

jesus calling incourage edition

I’ve been reading Jesus Calling off and on over the past year and a half, and every time I pick it up, I get something out of it. If you haven’t heard of it, Jesus Calling is a daily devotional with Scripture written as God speaking directly to the reader. I have the (in)courage edition – which is beautiful, and I like it because the referenced Scriptures are included in each devotional.

[However. That does let me be really lazy and gives me an excuse not to pick up my actual Bible. Which is why I'm also trying to read along with, too.]

ANYWAY. It’s a beautiful and handy edition of this devotional, and it’s only $14.99 with this sale (normally $24.99).


Like I mentioned, the Jesus Calling collection has several different products – including some for kids. Last year, I gave Jesus Calling – 365 Devotions for Kids ($9.59 on sale) to each of my students at church.

And I just got the 365 Day Perpetual Calendar for Kids ($9.59 on sale) for Annalyn, and I’m excited to give it to her for her birthday. She loves devotionals, and since she can pretty much read this on her own now, this will be a great one for her to begin reading on her own. {I hope. I’ll let you know how it goes!}

So – if you’re in the market for a new devotional or a gift (Christmas will be here before we know it – ack!), hop on over to Dayspring for this sale today!

Super Secret 24-Hour Flash Sale


Sometimes I wake up to annoying things like my husband and daughter arguing…or an email telling me I messed up {again.}. Other times I wake up to the news that DaySpring is having an amazing sale TODAY and TODAY ONLY.

Today was both kind of days, so we’re just going to focus on the sale part. Mmmmkay?

All of these items (below and pictured), plus a few more, are only FIVE DOLLARS today. And just today. Yes, I’ve already gone shopping. Yes, I shopped for myself before sharing the news with you. Once you head over there and see just how much of your Christmas shopping you can knock out today, I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

Makeup Bag – Grace & Peace
Makeup Bag – Redeemed
Makeup Bag – I Am His
Lisa Leonard ((together)) Necklace
Adorable Prayer Teddy Bear
Adorable Singing Stuffed Elephant
Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist
Daily Grace – Large Vase
Daily Grace – Platter
Daily Grace – Large Pitcher

Happy shopping!

Obviously, these are affiliate links. That means your price stays the same – FIVE DOLLARS! – and I make a small commission. Thank you for shopping with my links!

Spring {Ebook} Sales – Ending TODAY


All week long, I’ve been meaning to tell you all about two ebook sales going on. And all week long, I forgot. Gah. Baby brain!!

ANYWAY. Two of my favorite friends and bloggers and ebook authors are offering sales on their books – and the sales end today. So don’t dilly dally (or, “chop chop!!” as I tell Annalyn when she moves SLOWER THAN SLOW when getting out of the car) if you want either one of these books.

{And why wouldn’t you?!}

A Sense of the Resurrection

A Sense of the Resurrection is an Easter experience for families, and it’s a great way to create traditions and bring more meaning to your Easter celebration. It includes printables, Scriptures and specific conversation and starting points so you and your kids can really experience the resurrection. Parents and children will make memories as they use their five senses to discover the real story celebrated on Easter.

And through today only, you can get 20% off with the code OHEASTER. (The book is regularly $7.99, so that makes today’s sale price about $6.00.)

dana's books-001

Spring cleaning? Renewing your earlier resolutions to stay on top of the laundry and dishes? Buy these two books, stat! I know it seems counterintuitive, seeing as how I DETEST cleaning and anything related to cleaning. But Dana’s books are two of my very favorites and have been the most helpful, real-life-applicable books I’ve read.

The two-book set of 28 Days to Hope for Your Home and Drowning in Clutter? is $5 with the code SPRING14. (Regular price is $5 per book, so this is a great deal!)

So, there you have it. Easter and cleaning – what says spring more than that? Happy Sunday – and happy shopping and reading!

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The Final Countdown & Last-Minute Gift Ideas

arrested development christmas

Wait, what? TWELVE DAYS? As in, less than two weeks?!?

Right. I mean, I KNEW THAT. I’m totally chill…ready for the holidays…all Advent-ed up. Yeah, that sounds right. I’m okay now.

Of course, I’m a liar, too. So there’s that.


Look. I could give you my list of excuses, but no matter the reason, it all boils down to this: I have barely done a single Christmas-y thing. My tree is only up because my brother helped me. Annalyn has only watched The Grinch because it’s too cold for recess and apparently that was chosen as indoor recess appropriate. And last week’s trip to see The Nutcracker Suite? Completely to my mom’s credit. My only responsibility for that date – which I barely managed – was to buy my child new tights.

Looking so grown-up at the ballet. Gah. Make the time STOP!

Looking so grown-up at the ballet. Gah. Make the time STOP!

We haven’t done anything to celebrate Advent other than the occasional reading from The Jesus Storybook Bible. Just when I thought THIS would be the year we’d finally start AND FINISH Truth in the Tinsel. *sigh*

Aside from my DaySpring shopping sprees throughout the year, I haven’t done a single bit of Christmas shopping. I’ve told you my sad story about not watching Hallmark movies. And though my Christmas cards are printed, they are sitting – in a haphazard pile that hasn’t moved since they were delivered (and then knocked over) four days ago – on my dining room table. Unaddressed because, grrrrr!, the free addressing service doesn’t work for postcards.

And apparently I picked out postcards. Without realizing it. I mean, to save paper and the environment. Yeah.

Am I alone here? Are you all so together and organized and awesome that you CANNOT BELIEVE my holiday slacker-ness? If so, please, email me. Because you are so welcome to come to my house and bake, wrap and decorate up a storm!

For those of you who are a like me this year, I’ve got some ideas and tips for you. Also? For the love of all that’s silent and holy, quit feeling guilty about what you have and have not done this holiday season. Despite what Pinterest and Facebook and that stupid elf will tell you, Christmas is not a competition and you aren’t failing if you don’t build elaborate gingerbread houses and wrap all your presents in coordinating paper.

*steps off imperfect soapbox*

Enough of that. Moving on…to shopping!

For the shopping I have left, I’m dividing it between an afternoon going to one – MAYBE two – stores and a couple hours online. I’m no longer an Amazon affiliate (thank you SO much, state of Missouri and your fight against the man, I mean, Amazon), but you really can find most everything on there. And if you toss on a trial month of free shipping wit Amazon Prime, well, why would you go anywhere else?

I’m also planning on a few SIMPLE, I SWEAR crafty gifts. I’ll probably make one more of these no-sew fabric wreaths, plus a batch of salsa and a bunch of taco seasoning to stick in jars for the assortment of friends and neighbors who inevitably show up at my father-in-law’s for Christmas dinner. (And, HELLO!, to have on hand for after the baby’s born. Win-win!)

Seriously, you guys, don't miss this deal!

Seriously, you guys, don’t miss this deal!

Last but not least, I’m now the happy owner of several Redeemed scarves from DaySpring – an inexpensive gift that looks expensive for pretty much all the women on my list. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, don’t wait, okay? My 65% off discount is only good through Sunday the 15th.

P.S. DaySpring is offering FREE shipping on ANY order next Monday, December 16. Just use the code FREESHIP, and your gifts will arrive by Christmas! (My new favorite thing there, by the way? [I know you were wondering...] The entire Lyrics for Life line. I love these word art canvases filled with bits of my favorite hymns and worship songs!)

Obviously I realize your gift needs might not be covered by Amazon, DaySpring and easy-peasy crafts. So I’ve got a list of great gift guides and ideas for you. I cannot even tell you how much I wish I could rewind to October and start my shopping over with these guides in hand. I’ve bookmarked them all for next year – and hopefully it’s not too late for them to give you some great ideas!

All right, folks. Shoot straight with me. What is one thing you’re simply NOT DOING in the next 12 days? (And where do you do the bulk of your shopping?)

This post does include some affiliate links. That doesn’t affect your price, should you choose to click and purchase. But I do earn a small commission, allowing me to keep my office-supply-loving kiddo in neon Post-Its and pens!

NEW Exclusive Discount from DaySpring

redeeemed scarf on sale

You guys!! You loved the red platter from DaySpring as much as I do – and bought so many in just two days that DaySpring ran out!

So that’s the bad news. But the good news is that, since our exclusive discount was supposed to last another week, they’re offering ANOTHER discount.

The Redeemed Scarf is one of my very favorite DaySpring items. I love wearing it and giving it as a gift. And even though I’m the least fashionable person on earth, I can vouch for this scarf with no reservations. You know why? Because I have been complimented LOTS on this scarf. No joke. I’m talking – stopped on my way out of the library complimented.

Here. You can see me wearing it here in a rare but super-posed and well-filtered self-portrait. (I’ve been trying out the word “selfie,” but I Just Can’t.)

wearing redeemed scarf

All right, enough of that. What I’m saying here is if you don’t have one of these scarves, you probably want one. And then you probably want to buy a few for Christmas gifts.

And lucky for you and for me (because I need to buy a few myself!), DaySpring is offering us a 65% discount. Regularly $29.99, the Redeemed Scarf is $9.99 for Giving Up on Perfect readers until December 15. Just use the code REDEEMEDSCARF.

Happy shopping!

This post does include affiliate links. So when you click and make a purchase, I make a small commission. Considering your purchase is this pretty scarf WAY on sale, I’d call that win-win!