Organize Your Life {$250 Giveaway}

Organize Your Life - a $250 giveaway to!

Last month my friend Kayse wrote an extremely thorough review of several great family and business planners. It was awesome. AND it introduced me to Erin Condren.

Maybe you already know her (I do tend to be the last to hear about awesome things…), but in case you don’t, Erin is a designer who makes the prettiest, most colorful things to organize your life. Planners and calendars and labels and address books and note cards and SO MUCH PRETTY PAPER GOODNESS.

That’s why it was a no-brainer when Kayse asked me to partner with her for a big giveaway to Erin Condren’s store. Of course I will!

That’s right – one lucky reader will win $250 to Erin’s shop. (That’s a lot of pretty things to organize your life!) Enter below:

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Last Chance for $7 DVDs!

what's in the bible

I just ordered the What’s in the Bible Sing Through the Bible DVD for Annalyn. I’m not sure how it will fit into our new tradition of four gifts (something she wants, something she needs, something to wear, something to read) … but I couldn’t resist the sale!

TODAY ONLY, all What’s in the Bible DVDs are just $7. And the Why Do We Call It Christmas? DVD is just $5. (We watched that one Saturday morning, which led me to the realization that we actually watch What’s in the Bible videos more than we watch Frozen. No joke.)

If you have kids, these videos are truly a great, fun way to teach them about the Bible. The puppets are funny, the songs are catchy (SO CATCHY), and each video is packed with information. I learn something every time we watch a new one, actually! Here’s a sneak peek, if you haven’t seen a What’s in the Bible DVD before…

Fun, right? (And, I’m not even kidding. When Annalyn sees Phil Vischer in the videos, she shouts, “PHIL VISCHER!” Like he’s a One Direction singer. Every time. We’re weird here.)

So – buy any of the What’s in the Bible DVDs for $7 each, today only. AND, shipping is free for all U.S. orders. That means, hypothetically, you could get the entire series – 13 videos from Genesis to Revelation – for less than $100. ($91, to be exact.)

Happy shopping!

Merry Christmas Book Giveaway

Christmas Book Giveaway 2014

Updated to add…

Congratulations to Jessie Weaver, the winner randomly chosen by the And the Winner Is… plugin!

One of the most fun parts about being friends with lots of book people is that I get to read a lot of great books. In related news, one of the most frustrating parts about living in a small house is that I don’t have room to keep all those books.

And THAT is good news for you!

Today I’m giving away eight of my favorite books from the last couple of years. (Aren’t you glad I don’t have room for a bookshelf in my house?!) Here’s what one lucky reader will receive, just in time for Christmas:

The giveaway will close on Monday, December 15 at midnight CST. So don’t wait; enter now!

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Shopping & Preparing for Christmas


How was your Thanksgiving?? Mine isn’t over yet; we have one more family dinner tonight. But I’m taking a break as I write this (Thursday night), watching The Holiday and enjoying the quiet. Family time is fun, but downtime is nice, too.

My brother has requested that I make his Pinterest-famous corn casserole with bacon for tomorrow’s dinner (because he’s making other dishes). I’m a little nervous, to tell you the truth. I hope mine is as good as his always is! My friend Sarah mentioned on Facebook that she made it in the slow cooker, so I might give that a go.

[Speaking of Facebook, I posted a bunch of fun Thanksgiving-ish videos yesterday – in case you missed them and need a laugh!]

Do you shop the big sales today? Or last night? I’m never quite organized enough to have both a list and the cash to buy Christmas presents this early. Other than the ones I’ve been collecting throughout the year when Dayspring has a good sale, of course. Besides, I like getting up early just about as much as I love crowds – so braving the crowds before the sun comes up just never seems to make my Thanksgiving to-do list!

Online shopping, though. Now THAT is something I can – and DO – get behind! So I plan to do a little clicking and spending this weekend, taking advantage of the sales and getting a little closer to ready for the next holiday.

You won’t be surprised to hear that my first stop will be at DaySpring.

dayspring ad

Yep. EVERYTHING is 30% off – even clearance! And the code (30FRIDAY14) is good through December 1. (In case you were still thinking about that adorable polka dot mug I mentioned last week, this sale makes it $3.49. For a mug that makes The Perfect Gift. Um. Excuse me while I go buy a couple more…)

The 30% off sale is also good on the entire new God Made Light collection. Have you seen it? Matthew Paul Turner wrote the sweetest children’s book about creation and it is delightful. And gorgeous. And with today’s sale? It’s less than $10 – perfect for all those kids on your Christmas list!

And one last one? If you’ve been drooling over the BEAUTIFUL ornaments that go with Ann Voskamp’s new Christmas book (Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: A Family Celebration of Christmas), this makes the paper set just $20. Sweet!

Now before I go peruse the sale papers again (JUST IN CASE I decide to go to the stores with all the people anyway…), I have to tell you about a few fun, beautiful and meaningful ways to prepare for Christmas.

And if you want to prettify your home this Christmas (duh. Who doesn’t??), try one of these…


Ahhhh! Just looking at them is making me excited to decorate! We’re probably not doing a full tree this year (crawling baby who gets into everything and laughs – LAUGHS! – when I tell her no, remember?), but that Lisa Leonard ornament will be the first thing I put on our tabletop tree. It’s the first thing that has all four of our names on it, which I LOVE.

(By the way, you can take 10% your own order at with the code FULLOFLOVE until December 25.) (Although I saw just now that you can get a free necklace with purchase today if you use the code SOLOVED. Choices, choices!)

And I already have the hand-lettered print from Aliza Latta’s shop, Choose Brave, on top of my piano. (Disregard the fact that the edges are cut off. That is the fault of my frame and NOT the print itself.) O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas song, so I fell in love with this the second I saw it. It’s also on thick linen stock that will hold up in my what-does-fragile-mean-again house.

One more thing and then I’m off to bed. Or maybe I’ll finish watching the cheesy teen movie playing on ABC Family right now. It’s not a Christmas movie, but it IS a sequel of A Cinderella Story I didn’t even know existed. So, what’s a girl to do?

25 Books to Read for Christmas

One of my very favorite ways we’ve celebrated Christmas with Annalyn is the year we read a new Christmas book each night. I wrapped up our own books, plus a bunch I got from the library and a few I bought, and Annalyn got to pick one before bedtime. We loved it! Here’s the post where I told you all about it – and listed the books we read.

What are YOU up to on Black Friday?

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Wait, There’s More! [Early Dayspring Sales]

More Early Sales from Dayspring

DaySpring just won’t quit with these early sales! They added eight more items to their deeply discounted Early Black Friday Sale. Several of these new sales are less than $10 – perfect for gifts!

Daily Grace Memo Board – $17.99 (60% off)
God’s Heart for You Sterling Silver Necklace – $19.99 (60% off)
Everything Beautiful Makeup Bag – $5.99 (76% off)
Prayer Teddy Bear – $7.99 (65% off)
The Lord Bless You Keepsake Box – $3.99 (69% off)
Everything Through Christ Scripture Bangle – $19.99 (56% off)
Give Thanks Large Wooden Cross – $6.99 (68% off)
In All Things Wooden Plaque – $4.99 (62% off)

Happy {early} shopping! (And shop now if you can. Some of the earlier sale items have already sold out!!)

This post includes affiliate links.