Wait, There’s More! [Early Dayspring Sales]

More Early Sales from Dayspring

DaySpring just won’t quit with these early sales! They added eight more items to their deeply discounted Early Black Friday Sale. Several of these new sales are less than $10 – perfect for gifts!

Daily Grace Memo Board – $17.99 (60% off)
God’s Heart for You Sterling Silver Necklace – $19.99 (60% off)
Everything Beautiful Makeup Bag – $5.99 (76% off)
Prayer Teddy Bear – $7.99 (65% off)
The Lord Bless You Keepsake Box – $3.99 (69% off)
Everything Through Christ Scripture Bangle – $19.99 (56% off)
Give Thanks Large Wooden Cross – $6.99 (68% off)
In All Things Wooden Plaque – $4.99 (62% off)

Happy {early} shopping! (And shop now if you can. Some of the earlier sale items have already sold out!!)

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More Early Sales from DaySpring

Early Black Friday Sales from DaySpring

I have bought several DaySpring items multiple times. Like the mug and journal I mentioned yesterday, these are things I love giving as gifts – and every time I give one away, I have to replace it! I was excited to see several of those very items – a necklace, a stuffed animal, a block set – as part of the early Black Friday sales.

Eight more items have been added to the sale page, including my favorites and a vase I can’t wait to give away!

One more thing – don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a $50 coupon code to DaySpring’s Everlasting Light collection!

Happy {early} shopping!

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Shine Your Light [GIVEAWAY]


About a month ago I drove to Des Moines. The trees had started turning at home, so I was looking forward to the drive north, assuming the trees along the highway would be even more vibrant and colorful than the ones I’d seen so far this year.

My assumptions were correct, and both sides of I-35 showed off hillsides full of happy little Bob Ross trees in my favorite fall colors. But, as much as I love yellows and oranges and even pale greens, the shade that made me smile uncontrollably was red. Always the red trees, catching my eye and making me say [again], “Ooh, look, Annalyn!”

The red trees – at least in my area – tend to be the small ones. But their rich color means they can’t possibly be overlooked. And when they happen to grow together, in a group? Wow!

We’d spotted a few bright red-leafed trees when we drove under an overpass. As we came out the other side and began driving around a curve, my breath caught in my throat. A couple dozen smallish red trees were growing on the hill next to the highway, and it looked like the earth was on fire.

It was beautiful.

And as soon as those trees faded from my rearview mirror, I grabbed the notebook out of the passenger seat and started scribbling. Yes, while driving. But though I knew the image of the fiery trees would stay with me, I didn’t want to forget the thoughts that had blazed across my heart as I gazed at them.


Those trees might have been – for the most part – small, but they were mighty. They grew with confidence and, in a sea of relative sameness, they shone with vibrancy and richness. They were lovely on their own, drawing my eye and making me smile. But together? Together, they were awesome. No, not awesome as in, really super cool. But they were AWE-some, AWE-inspiring. They lit up the land and my heart.

They didn’t just shine; they burned and blazed, brilliantly.

And they made me think of the verse in Philippians that talks of us shining brightly:

Do everything without complaining and arguing,
so that no one can criticize you.
Live clean, innocent lives as children of God,
shining like bright lights in a world
full of crooked and perverse people.
- Philippians 2:15

I use the beginning of that verse often with Annalyn, reminding her to quit arguing. But when I read this chapter again recently, I’m the one who was reminded. I remembered the larger context of Paul’s request for Christ followers to live peaceably, “loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose,” as he says earlier in chapter 2.

When we stand strong in our faith – not in judgment, not in superiority or self-righteousness, but in love, in service, in humility – those of us who love and follow Jesus stand out from the crowd just like those red-leafed trees. And I believe that’s beautiful to God, and maybe He grins a little bit when He sees it, just like I did on my drive to Iowa.

But when we stand together? Agreeing wholeheartedly on what truly matters, supporting one another in love despite our differences, loving and serving as One Body? Well, then we outshine even the most brilliant copse of autumn trees!


Have you seen the new Everlasting Light collection at DaySpring? It’s gorgeous. The collection includes home decor, jewelry and artwork – and it is all so warm, so lovely. [When I first got a sneak peek this summer, I truly did say, “I want ALL THE THINGS!”] So far I’ve only gotten a couple of “the things,” but I am really in love with them.


First of all, I’m excited to have a gold necklace (the one on the left). With silver being all the rage these past few years, I have amassed a decent collection of non-gold pieces. But sometimes something a bit warmer would look better, and now I have it. Both the bracelet and the necklace remind me to shine my light (AND the gold works with my warm-tone outfits).

Next up on my Everlasting Light wish list are the candlesticks and this art print:


(Although the Shine Your Light pillow, the world map canvas and a couple other art prints aren’t far behind. I told you – Want. All. the Things!)


While I can’t give YOU all the things any more than I can get them for myself, I CAN give one lovely reader $50 to spend in DaySpring’s Everlasting Light collection! Simply visit the site and come back to tell me (in a comment) which item you’d most like.

So the winner can use that coupon code with the AH-MAZE-ING sales DaySpring is having, I’ll randomly choose a winner after the giveaway closes at midnight CST on Friday, November 21. So, quick, go enter now!

{Photo source for top photo and second photo. Also, this post includes affiliate links and I did receive product from DaySpring. All opinions are, as always, my own.}

Stock Up Today for Easy Gifts


Since I began working with DaySpring, I’ve discovered the beauty of having a gift closet. I mean, I don’t HAVE a gift closet. I have a gift bookshelf in the corner of my garage, behind my clothes that are clean and hanging but will probably never get hung in closets because I’m the worst at laundry.

The result is the same, though.

I have a few (FINE. More than a few!) gifts on hand, for those surprise, last-minute, unexpected occasions that require a gift. These are items that say thank you or I’m thinking of you or I love you on a Tuesday – or you’re a great teacher but I forgot Teacher Appreciation Day. Again.

I’ve tried out several items for this say-anything, give-to-anyone, still-special gift, and I’ve arrived at a favorite. I love giving the Everyday Joy journal and Everyday Joy mug filled with chocolate. The colors are my favorite, the gifts are useful and lovely to look at, and the price can’t be beat.

Except – oh yeah – the price CAN be beat. Because today – AND TODAY ONLY! she said in her best car dealer voice – DaySpring mugs are buy one, get one free.

So, the Everyday Joy mug is already on clearance for $4.99 – and today you can get TWO mugs for that price.

Come on. THAT is a great deal.

FYI – the Everyday Joy journal is only $9.99. And ALL mugs, cups and bottles are buy one, get one free. Today only. As I mentioned. And (but wait! there’s more!), also today only, is the Tabletop Advent Calendar for FREE with any $50 purchase. (Just add it to your cart along with $50 of product and enter code PREPARE50 at checkout!)

So go stock up on these easy gifts and get yourself a free advent calendar! SCORE.

And just in case you have kids and families on your list this year, I had to tell you about another ONE DAY ONLY sale. Use the code SHARE15 to save 15% on all What’s in the Bible orders today. There’s no minimum, but you do get free shipping for any order over $25.

All DVDs are currently on sale for $9.97 each, so that makes each DVD less than $8.50 today! That means…

- the Why Do We Call It Christmas DVD is less than $8.50 today!
- the Sing Through the Bible DVD (30 music videos) is less than $8.50 today!
- the ENTIRE BIBLE from Genesis to Revelation (13 DVDs) is just $110 today!

I’ve told you before how much we adore What’s in the Bible. I’m getting the music video DVD for Annalyn today, and I’m thinking about getting DVDs 11-13 to complete our collection, too!

Happy shopping, friends. (And don’t worry: this blog hasn’t turned into a deals site. But when I find out about amazing sales like this, when we’re all in shopping – or, at least, shopping-list – mode, I just have to share!)

Early Black Friday Sale at DaySpring

Dayspring is starting its huge holiday sales early!

These items would make great gifts, but several would also be fun decorations for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, too. (I guess in theory you could buy one for a friend and one for yourself at these prices! In theory, I said!)

My favorite sale items so far…


Bless this Home Wall Art – $17.99 (60% OFF the regular price of $44.99)

Abide in Him Wall Art – $15.99 (60% OFF the regular price of $39.99)


Redeemed Cookie Jar – $14.99 (75% OFF the regular price of $59.99)

Blessings of God Dough Bowl – $24.99 (62% OFF the regular price of $64.99)

Give Thanks Wooden Caddy – $9.99 (57% OFF the regular price of $22.99)

Wow! I think I want one of each. Especially the dough bowl. And the cookie jar. And except the wall art, because I already own them! Decisions, decisions… By the way, just a heads up: I’m told that these items could be sold out as this sale goes on, so shop early and purchase now if you’re interested!

(And, yes, this post includes affiliate links. That means that if you click through and buy something, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!)