HUGE Sale on What’s in the Bible Series

Hey, guys! I didn’t want you to miss this sale. Until April 27 (that’s Monday), you can get the entire series of What’s in the Bible for just $99. That’s 13 videos total, and they are seriously awesome. I learn just as much as my daughter when we watch our DVDs!

And we watch them all the time! Also? I’m not going to lie…I might listen to the soundtrack even when I’m alone in the car, because the songs are just that catchy.

If you are looking for a great way to teach your kids about the Bible – and even to learn with them, What’s in the Bible is the way to go! So go check it out, and remember this sale only lasts until the 27th!

Click here to visit What’s in the Bible now.

It’s a Blog Birthday – and a Big Giveaway!

Blog Birthday Giveaway

On second thought maybe it wasn’t a great idea to search for birthday cake photos on Day 5 of my return to Weight Watchers…


A little over seven years ago I decided to start a blog. And after choosing to follow Jesus and agreeing to marry my husband, it is the decision that has made the largest impact on my life. I had no idea what I was doing back then, no idea the difference that one little choice would make! {Special thanks to Chelley for inspiring me with her blog and being the reason I thought about starting mine in the first place!}

But I don’t want to talk about me, me, me today. I’m a blogger because of YOU. I’ve heard some people say that they love to write so much they’d write even if nobody read it. That’s not me. I am here because you are here. I write because you read and because you respond. Our community is what keeps me going.

So thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you for visiting or subscribing, for giving me permission to share my deepest desires and fears, my biggest and highest dreams, and my shallowest thoughts and tendencies with you. Thank you for commenting and liking and retweeting and sharing. Thank you for coming back when I take on too many sponsored posts or ramble on about something boring or say something you just don’t agree with. Thank you for being my friends.

To celebrate you, I’m holding a Big Blog Birthday Giveaway! Woohoo!!

You can enter for a chance to win by leaving a comment, following me on Twitter or visiting my Facebook page (I’d love you to follow it, but *SIGH* legally I can’t make you.). I’m using Rafflecopter, so winners will be selected randomly by the computer when the giveaway closes next Sunday. We’ll have three winners, and here’s what those lucky readers will win:

Third prize = $25 gift card to Amazon
Second prize = 5 books from DaySpring: Surprised by Motherhood, Finding Spiritual Whitespace, Love Idol, The Best Yes, and Let’s All Be Brave

{drum roll…}

Grand prize = Kindle Fire HD (6″, 8GB)

Edited to add: This giveaway is now closed. Winners were selected randomly and contacted via email.

Are you as excited about this as I am?!? (Okay, maybe not. But I love my Kindle and, well, books in general, and I am so excited to share that with some of you!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Crafts & DIY the Giving Up on Perfect Way


Last night I saw a cute Easter craft that I knew a friend of mine would like. Unfortunately, she’s even less craft-inclined than I am, but when I posted it to her Facebook page, I said that it just might be cute enough to warrant a craft day.

Not all of us are crafty. Not everyone likes renovating and refinishing and repurposing and re-anything. [Unlike my daughter, whose favorite channel is the DIY Network and is never happier than when she finds a new episode of Kitchen Crashers to watch.]

Ultimate DIY Bundle FLASH Sale

But some circumstances seem to beg for a craft project or a little do-it-yourself action. For my friend, it might be Minion Easter eggs. For you, it might be salvaging that dining room chair you got from your grandma. For me, most recently, it was saving a million dollars at Christmas.

Okay, fine. I didn’t save a million dollars. But I did save SOME money when it came time to show my girls’ Sunday school teachers a little appreciation and love at Christmastime. Because of where I serve on Sunday mornings, my girls attend both services. So, between the two of them, they have 12 church teachers. TWELVE. Even a $5 Starbucks card would have been a little more than I wanted to spend – plus I would have had to come up with a cute card or something to put it in.

Luckily, I’d bought an Ultimate Bundle a couple years ago and had more than one ebook full of handmade gift ideas. Sure, some of them (fine. LOTS of them.) required more time, energy, money or skill than I had or was willing to give. But one of them had the perfect idea for me.

I made up a big batch of hot chocolate mix, spooned it into jelly jars I already had, wrapped some ribbon around the top, and stuck a store-bought tag on each one. Easy peasy! In literally minutes (and just a few dollars), I had 12 great gifts for the kids’ teachers.


You all know me. I’m not the most crafty girl. (Even when I worked at a scrapbooking store, my scrapbooks were – at best – examples of “simple” scrapping.) And since our [failed] attempts to fix up our house enough to sell it over the past two years, we’ve retired our home improvement hammers for a while.

But I’m still excited about the Ultimate DIY Bundle.

The Ultimate DIY Bundle is a collection of 69 ebooks and e-courses that are all about crafting, scrapbooking, decorating and more. But you know what else? The bundle includes several books and courses about photography and writing – and I LOVE those things!

Ultimate DIY Bundle - Ebook FLASH Sale!

The Ultimate DIY Bundle costs $34.95, and it’s only available for 48 hours this week. That’s an amazing deal, even if all the books don’t apply to you! The entire bundle is a more than $1,000 value – which is CRAZY when you can get it for less than $35. But, seriously, even if I never crack open the craft or decorating books (which, let’s be honest, I will open a few come December, for sure!), I’m saving a ton of money on the writing and photography books and courses.

If any of this appeals to you, don’t wait. Like I said, the bundle is only available today and tomorrow. The sale is gone forever (insert dramatic music) after that. You can go here to see every book in the bundle and to order yours today!

DaySpring FLASH SALE (Today Only)

teddy bear sale

I love DaySpring’s stuffed animals. They are super soft and a great huggable size, and they go on sale often enough for me to keep a small stock of them for baby showers and other baby-related gift occasions!

If you’re in the market for an adorable teddy bear (baby shower? baby birth? Easter basket???), today’s your day. The Teddy Bear Plush that sings Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is on sale TODAY ONLY for $10. (That’s more than 50% off, in case you were wondering!) Sweet!

Happy shopping! (And remember the teddy bear is on sale ONLY today!)

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Home Decor SALE at DaySpring

Home Decor SALE at

Today through Saturday (the 8th), you can get 35% off one Home Decor item at DaySpring! Just use the code HOME35. This sale includes the Daily Grace and Letterpress Blocks collections – woohoo! Click here to go shopping!