Last Chance for $7 DVDs!

what's in the bible

I just ordered the What’s in the Bible Sing Through the Bible DVD for Annalyn. I’m not sure how it will fit into our new tradition of four gifts (something she wants, something she needs, something to wear, something to read) … but I couldn’t resist the sale!

TODAY ONLY, all What’s in the Bible DVDs are just $7. And the Why Do We Call It Christmas? DVD is just $5. (We watched that one Saturday morning, which led me to the realization that we actually watch What’s in the Bible videos more than we watch Frozen. No joke.)

If you have kids, these videos are truly a great, fun way to teach them about the Bible. The puppets are funny, the songs are catchy (SO CATCHY), and each video is packed with information. I learn something every time we watch a new one, actually! Here’s a sneak peek, if you haven’t seen a What’s in the Bible DVD before…

Fun, right? (And, I’m not even kidding. When Annalyn sees Phil Vischer in the videos, she shouts, “PHIL VISCHER!” Like he’s a One Direction singer. Every time. We’re weird here.)

So – buy any of the What’s in the Bible DVDs for $7 each, today only. AND, shipping is free for all U.S. orders. That means, hypothetically, you could get the entire series – 13 videos from Genesis to Revelation – for less than $100. ($91, to be exact.)

Happy shopping!

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