Throwback Thursday Stories: Easter

Easter pics

Once upon a time in a land far, far away I collected every printed photo I owned and organized them. I put them in envelopes by subject matter and then stuck them, chronologically, in a box.

It was awesome. (It was before kids.) I was going to scrapbook all the the things.

And I did scrapbook a lot of things. But definitely not all of them. I did, however, keep taking pictures. And there for a while, I printed them out. I printed a lot (A LOT) of them out. (Especially when Annalyn was born!) Then I made a scrapbook for my mom and collected a bunch of old family photos for that. Then my mom and dad cleaned out some part of their house (basement? cedar chest? I don’t remember.) and gave us ziplocs full of old photos.

And still, I kept taking photos and buying photos and PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS.

I have a lot of photos, people. And they are completely NOT organized.

You guys. I can’t even describe the madness, the chaos that is my bin of photos. AND THAT’S NOT EVEN CONSIDERING THE ENTIRE BOX OF PICS I FOUND IN MY GARAGE THIS SUMMER! I’ve got old school wallets mixed with baby pictures mixed with Christmas cards mixed with yellowing family photos. It’s a mess. And these days I just avoid those beautiful photos altogether.

Until my friend Jessica said she was starting a weekly link-up called Throwback Thursday Stories.

I actually pulled out almost all of the photos in that bin (the one hiding at the bottom of Adrienne’s closet-slash-my craft closet) to find something just right for this first week of #TBTStories. Even though I found a whole lot of gems, these Easter pictures seemed apropos.

Throwback Thursday Stories: Easter



That’s my grandad in the middle picture. I’m not sure why he’s wearing half a plastic egg on his head, but as I know from watching my own dad with my girls, that’s just how grandpas do.

Though the beautiful hat in that top photo is lovely, as I started thinking about Easters in years past, it made sense to share pictures of me with family. Because while Easter is obviously a celebration of the resurrection and our salvation through Jesus, it’s also been a great excuse for my family to spend time together.

I couldn’t find any photos of the cousin Easter egg hunts from 30 years ago. (Maybe my mom kept those!) But when I think about Easter, when I think about family time, I can see those pictures in my mind. Eggs and dresses in pastels, and my cousins helping my brother and me find those eggs.

I also remember Easter egg hunts with my friend Elise, and more recently, I remember singing MY FACE OFF in the choir at half a dozen church services. But what comes to mind most of all are those cousin egg hunts.

So it makes sense that this Sunday we’ll be doing the same thing. I mean, my cousins and I won’t be hunting the eggs. Our kids will, though. And somebody might even wear lace. (But no hats. I’m pretty sure we won’t be wearing hats.)

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How does your family celebrate Easter?

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