A Gilmore Girls Gift for Your Favorite Galentines!

Whoa. Is that allowed? Can I mix two TV shows in one blog post title? I’m not sure what the protocol is, so I’m just going for it. I’m not saying I think Leslie and Lorelai would be gal pals, but I think they’d certainly appreciate each other as strong, smart, funny women.

And after all, what goes together better than waffles and coffee, Leslie’s and Lorelai’s favorite foods? (Yeah, I think Lorelai would consider coffee a food. And a food group.)

Let’s just go with that…


Today is, obviously, Valentine’s Day — but rather than get all lovey dovey and talk relationships and marriage or debate Team Jess or Team Logan (because I think we have a clear winner on that one), I decided to offer FAST TALK & FAITH, my Gilmore Girls-inspired devotional, at less than half price for a couple days!

Because if your favorite gal pal loves the Gilmores like Leslie loves waffles or Lorelai loves coffee, then this 22-day devotional will make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Galentines Day, or whatever February holiday you’re celebrating this year!

Click here to buy a copy for you and one for a friend,
all for less than a cup of coffee or plate of waffles!