Shopping Fair Trade, From My Couch, with a Coupon Works for Me!


How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Mine was good – full of two family dinners, a baby shower brunch, and a trip to Hobby Lobby where we literally bought so much stuff that we couldn’t fit both kids in the car.

[To clarify: it’s because we bought a new Christmas tree. And we left it at my parents’ house for a day so the kids weren’t stranded. I’m not going to lie, though. After so many days of family togetherness, I’m not sure the kids would’ve won by Sunday night.]

We also took the girls to see Trolls and passed a nasty cold back and forth between three of us. (I’m thinking this through now and realizing it might not have been the best choice to stick all our hands in the same popcorn bag…) Oh, and I was volunteered as the host of our Christmas dinner. Which is both super fun and exciting…and a tiny bit stressful!

I hope you had a great weekend, whether you spent it with friends or family (or both), resting or running, eating or shopping (or, hello!, both). And I also hope you are WAY MORE ORGANIZED THAN ME when it comes to Christmas shopping. Because I have barely started. Thinking about it. Much less doing it.

Yesterday (Monday) I scanned a whole lot of sales and took advantage of a couple. Maybe too many. I mean, MAYBE I have a couple things to return. But that is NOT what we’re talking about right now! We are talking about the BEAUTY of shopping from my couch, knowing I’m buying responsibly from fair trade artists, and doing it with a sweet coupon.

What? YES. That is right.


Right now, Dayspring has these beautiful handcrafted pieces of jewelry on sale for $5 each. FIVE DOLLARS. Each one is made by Village Artisan, a fair trade organization working with artisans in North India. You can find the coral earrings, the coral bracelet, the blue earrings, and the blue bracelet on the Cyber Week Markdown sales page.

I can hardly contain myself with this sale, you guys. I spent my “Dayspring budget” over the weekend because I thought the sales would expire. And now?! They just keep ADDING MORE SALES! And on great gifts for pretty much anyone on your list (and not just the ones who love gifts with Bible verses on them is what I’m saying here). Those pieces from Village Artisan are joining some of my favorite Dayspring gifts that are also deeply discounted this week. (All of these sale prices expire on December 4.)

How am I supposed to resist all of this?! (Did I mention that my favorite colors to wear are coral and turquoise…like the colors in that jewelry up there? Yup. Please don’t tell my budget. Or my Christmas list, since I just admitted to shopping FOR MYSELF. Sighhhhhh…)


The Cyber Week sales include:

  • Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio & Year-Round Metal Sleeves Set – $50 (normally $108) – This is the first Christmas decoration I put up every year and the last thing I take down. A friend told me recently that one of her hurricanes broke and I literally gasped out loud in sadness for her. I LOVE THIS HURRICANE SET.
  • Give Thanks Metal Wall Art – $15 (normally $40) – I have this hanging on my wall in my living room. And since I sit in there to work most days of the week (and sit there to watch TV, read and snuggle with the girls EVERY day of the week), I basically stare at it All. The. Time.
  • Everlasting Light North Star Pendant Necklace – $12 (normally $50) – I bought this because it’s longer than normal necklaces. I wear it because…well…every time I do, I get tons of compliments! (And this is a GREAT price, you guys!)
  • Village Artisan Tribal Regal Necklace – $15 (normally $30) – Oooooh, look at this one! I don’t have this necklace. Yet. But at 50% off, I might not be able to resist.
  • Jesus is the Gift Red Mug – $5 (normally $12) – Perfect gift for preschool teachers, Sunday school teachers, piano teachers. Stick some hot chocolate packs or Dove chocolates in there and voila! Easy gift that’s easy on the budget. (Because HOLY COW do these teacher gifts add up!)

And, as if these prices weren’t low enough, Dayspring has been kind enough to offer us another discount. Just use the code SHINEHISLIGHT for $20 off a $60 order, plus free shipping.

A full holiday weekend and online shopping is working for me.
What’s working for YOU this week?


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