I know, I know, some of you aren’t QUITE as excited about the Gilmore Girls revival as the rest of us. You’re more interested in turkey or gratitude lists or the Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas. I get it. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled non-Gilmore programming soon. Promise.

But not today.

Because, HELLO! A Year in the Life (and Lorelai and Rory and Emily and ALL THE BOYFRIENDS) will be here in just about 48 hours!!! Stars Hollow, HERE WE COME.

But before we turn on Netflix and immerse ourselves in 360 minutes of Gilmores, we’d better make sure we’re prepared. I, for one, just finished the last episode of season seven this afternoon. I used Kendra’s Gilmore Girls Binging Guide to get through the last few seasons. I’ve watched the first three seasons of Gilmore Girls so many times, but I needed to rewatch the last half of the series to refresh my memories a bit. If you’ve given up on catching up before Friday, I highly recommend Kendra’s episode guides.

A few other links to hit up:

I’ll be sharing all the rest of my favorite Gilmore Girls finds on Facebook today, and then I’ll be taking a break until Saturday evening. Because my Friday is full of family festivities, I won’t be starting A Year in the Life until the following day. But perhaps you’ll join me? If you’re also watching the Gilmores’ return on Netflix this Saturday evening, let’s hang out together on Facebook and talk about ALL THE THINGS!

I’ll see you there.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t also recommend my devotional inspired by Gilmore Girls, FAST TALK & FAITH. If you enjoy finding spiritual truth in the world around us (even the fictional world of Stars Hollow), this book is for you — and you can get your copy at Amazon today.

The return of Gilmore Girls is definitely working for me! How about you?

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