Don’t Miss: Inside Pediatrics with Children’s Mercy Hospital


I’m working on a roundup? recap? review? AWESOME POST about fall TV, but first I need to catch up on a few episodes lingering on my DVR. Sadly I’ve neglected my regular shows for the lure of cheesy Christmas movies. And possibly the beginnings of a binge on Netflix.

I don’t want to talk about it.

What I want to talk about AND THE POINT is that I’ve got a lot of thoughts, feelings, opinions and updates for you on the topic of television. But it’s not ready. And I can’t wait for that post (coming soon!) to tell you about a documentary series called Inside Pediatrics.


Kansas City (my hometown) is home to an amazing children’s hospital. Children’s Mercy Hospital has more than 700 pediatricians who are truly kid experts. The entire Children’s Mercy team, from admitting nurses to orthopedic surgeons, is specifically trained to treat children.

A few months ago after one of Adrienne’s checkups, our pediatrician recommended some x-rays to make sure her legs were developing properly. After Annalyn’s developmental delays, I was so anxious when we walked in the doors of Children’s Mercy. But the tech who took her x-rays put both this nervous mom and an antsy toddler at ease right away. The whole thing was quick and painless (and eventually proved that Adrienne’s legs were just fine).

Every experience I’ve had with Children’s Mercy – with my own kids and through stories I’ve heard about friends’ and family’s kids – has been outstanding. For me, as a mom, it’s comforting to know that, whether the issue at hand requires a simple diagnosis or treatment or something more complex, the entire team doesn’t just dabble in children’s health. They’re the kid experts.

All that is why Inside Pediatrics is must-see TV for me.


A six-part documentary series that will give viewers an unprecedented look behind the walls of Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Inside Pediatrics will follow real-life stories of the patients and families it serves. The series will provide an inside look at the specialty programs, operating rooms, and medical transport teams that provide care for patients with conditions ranging from the most common, to the most complex. And as a bonus, the series is narrated by actor Paul Rudd (who’s from Kansas City!).

The second season of Inside Pediatrics premieres tomorrow (Wednesday, December 16) at 7:00 pm on KMBC (Channel 9). I hope you’ll join me and watch season two as the show follows patients and families through their unique journeys as medical teams work to bring them health, healing, and hope!

Here’s a trailer to learn more about the new season:

And for my readers who (sadly) don’t live in the Kansas City area, you can still watch the inspiring and incredible episodes from season one here!

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To learn more about Children’s Mercy, visit the hospital on Facebook or Twitter. And to learn more about Inside Pediatrics, visit the show’s website.

I’m excited to partner with Children’s Mercy as one of the #CMHmoms. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.