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You guys. It has been non-stop drama – or, as I tried to reposition it for my six-year-old ADVENTURE – around my house lately!

And [side note] I’m not even talking current events. Obviously, the things that have been blowing up all of our Twitter feeds and nightly news reports over the past couple of weeks are tragic and confusing and polarizing and devastating in so many ways. From ebola, persecution of Christians, mental illness and suicide to the horrifying events taking place across my state in Ferguson, our world is obviously suffering from things worse than my grandma’s broken hip and poison ivy on my face again.

But the reality is that, heavy as these things are on my mind and heart [and THEY ARE], my everyday, in-my-face life has had some hiccups lately, too. And I feel quite a bit more qualified to tell you about those things today. So here goes.

1. Yes, I have had poison ivy on my face. Again. For anyone keeping track, that’s the third time in three years. And it is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS! I pulled weeds in my front yard for a whopping 11 minutes, and what do I get in return? Three (or more) weeks of suffering. Three (or more) weeks of looking like a leper and wanting to hide in my house – not because I’m embarrassed by the rash covering so many visible parts of my body. No. Though that has embarrassed my almost-seven-year-old this time around, I’m actually not too upset by it. I want to hide in my house TO SCRATCH IT ALL OFF. Both the visible and not-so-visible parts.

The rash on my face is actually almost gone, and the OTHER affected parts of my body (the ones that will remain unnamed, AHEM) are slowly but surely itching less. At least enough to stop the high doses of Benadryl.

Also, in case you’re wondering, YES. I have learned my lesson. I will never, ever again engage in any kind of yard work. Really, I should just stay inside at all times. This seems like a good plan.

2. Unfortunately, my grandma did break her hip last week. She’s 82, and she’s my last living grandparent. And seeing her in the hospital over the weekend, a bit muddled and obviously in quite a bit of discomfort, was rough. Getting old really is for the birds.

3. Drama, drama, drama. We’ve had a bit (UNDERSTATEMENT) of family drama lately, on both my and Mark’s side of the family. So that’s been fun. And by “fun,” I mean not so much. I’ve tried to tell Mark in the past that we’d be so bored without family drama. He doesn’t really buy it, and I don’t either. But I can tell you for sure that we have definitely not been bored in recent days.

First day of First grade

4. In the good news department (finally! right?!) Annalyn started back to school last week. She has been crazy excited for first grade, even going so far as to THANK ME on her first day. I asked her what she was thanking me for, and she said, “For letting me go to school!” Um, daughter? I love you. But there’s no way on God’s green earth I was going to make it one more day of I’m-bored-let’s-play-My-Little-Ponies summer!

rolling tweet

5. And not-so-tiny Baby Adrienne is sitting up like a boss these days and rolling over like a … what’s something that’s sneaky? Because that crazy baby keeps rolling over in her crib – and on the floor when I turn away. But when I try to get her to do it in front of me? She’s not playing. Go figure – I have two children with strong wills and opinions! She’s also eating baby food like it’s going out of style (yes, yes, she comes by it naturally), and shoving her bottle away almost every time I give it to her.

Seriously – any tips for getting a seven-month-old to drink her milk? Because she takes her bedtime bottle great but is completely uninterested during the day.

6. Last on the “things to tell you about my life” list is what I’ve decided is my favorite part of social media right now. Tweeting with authors. And by authors, I mean people I don’t actually know in real life who write novels that I do read in real life. (Because I have many friends who are authors of non-fiction, and though I love them – and tweeting with them, I’m talking about something different here.)

dani pettrey tweets

In the past week, I’ve had conversations on Twitter with Lisa Tawn Bergren (one of my first favorite Christian novelists from way back in the mid-90s day and, more recently, author of the River of Time series – that one about time travel I just mentioned?!) and Dani Pettrey (author of the Alaskan courage series and my newest favorite [Christian] fiction writer). I love that they responded to me; I love that they seem to care what I think about their books; and I love getting the chance to tell them how much I adore their characters. It’s just really, really fun to me, a major book nerd, to talk with the people who came up with the characters and stories so good they keep me up past my bedtime.

Okay, one more thing and then I want to hear about YOU.

Lysa TerKeurst has a new book out, The Best Yes. I’ll share more about her book soon, but you should get your copy now. Every dime she makes from sales THIS WEEK will be given to 99 Balloons, an organization that helps special needs kids. It’s an amazing thing she’s doing, and I know if you buy the book, you’ll be blessed by the book itself AND by being part of this campaign. You can buy it right here for $12.99.

All right. That’s all she wrote for today. Tell me: What’s going on in YOUR life right now?

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  1. Jessie Weaver August 20, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    I totally love interacting with authors on Twitter! Having Chris Bohjalian and Lisa See Tweet me have been highlights of my Twitter life. And gotta love Lisa T. And Robin Jones Gunn!

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