Weekend Links, 9.21.13

This week’s link post is a little late, and I blame Smitty. She made me watch a zombie movie last night and after it was over, there was just nothing I could do but go to bed and hope I didn’t have zombie dreams.

I didn’t. *whew!*

Anyway, I started the morning at a kids ministry workshop that my church put on with two other churches, and now we’re getting ready to do a little shopping. The goal is a new church dress for Annalyn (because that girl loves wearing THE SAME DRESS EVERY SUNDAY, and she’s outgrown her Summer Church Dress), and hopefully some maternity clothes for me.

I hope you have some down-time this weekend, some time to rest and refresh. And if you’re looking for things to read while you take that break, here’s what I recommend!

Let’s Be Gentle with Each Other. Let’s Read Each Other’s Signs. :: Melody Ross
WHAT IF we could all wear a sign that said what WE REALLY MEANT? What if we could go straight past the small talk or the masks, and we could actually go straight to the heart of the matter. What if our friends and family wore signs like this?

Love is a Battlefield :: Charissa Motley
Even so. I know that no matter how many battles I win, it’s still a war. I firmly believe that God brought the two of us together on purpose, for a reason that we have yet to discover, and that there is a plan for us that involves us being married. I believe in that. And because I believe that God wants us to be together, I also believe that Satan wants to tear us apart, because he knows that together we are a force to be reckoned with.

Could Your Kids Navigate the Old-Fashioned Way? :: Simple Mom
Whether you grew up near the mountains, in a small town, or in a great city, you learned something about navigation from your parents and mentors, too. You learned to trust your instincts and use the clues available to you.

True Love, Book Fights & Why Ugly Stories Matter :: NPR’s Monkey See Blog
Ultimately, Eleanor & Park is an enormously optimistic book about love and connection, and about the capacity of people to be powerfully consoling and healing to each other, even when they’re 16. And for that healing to be meaningful, there has to be some honesty about the injury.

What’s worrying about treating Eleanor & Park as a nasty book, or a dirty book, or an immoral book, is that it transforms talking about how to survive ugliness into something that’s no different from ugliness itself. It makes the act of telling a story about rising above misery a miserable thing.

The Great Mascara Compar-athon :: Mommin’ It Up
Thank you, Jenny. Sacrificing for us, your readers, so we can finally (FINALLY) find The Perfect Mascara? You are amazing. And when I say that I bookmarked this post for future reference, I am not exaggerating. It’s a fact. I will probably print it out and take it to the store the next time I go to buy makeup!

10 Songs to Inspire a Happy Dance :: The Thinking Closet
I’m not sure I could’ve possibly put together a better list. And? There’s even a playlist so you can click play once and listen to the whole, upbeat thing. Go on and get your happy dance on!

My friend Emily Freeman has written a gorgeous, challenging, encouraging, lovely book called A Million Little Ways. You can learn more about it in this video (and pre-order your copy here!).

Have a great weekend!!

What are the best posts YOU’ve read – or written – in the past week or two? Share them with us in the comments!

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