The winds of change messed up my hair.

Waterfall Glen

You know how they say to never change your hairstyle in the midst of emotional turmoil? Well, they should also tell you to never get a haircut four days before going to a conference. Or after enduring a few big changes in your life.

Unless, you know, big changes don’t equal emotional turmoil for you.

Last week I unexpectedly got a new (to me) car. And then I got a new pair of glasses for the first time in nearly a decade. Yes, I realize these are not bad changes, nor is at least one of them big. But to me, it kind of felt like a lot at once and I threw caution (and good sense) to the wind yesterday.

I took my coupon and signed up for a cheap haircut.

This might sound familiar, as I’ve lamented this very same decision more than once. The problem with getting your hair cut at a place that accepts $7.99 coupons is that every other cut is, actually, a great one. And that makes you forget how truly awful the other 50% of the cuts you get there really are.

And that is the story of how I ended up with a lady mullet.

[Side note: My husband has educated me on the many different types of mullets, including the Kentucky waterfall. Hence the picture above. Feel free to comment on my clever wit.]

I probably should’ve just read the manual to my new car and left my hair alone. But much as change throws me into a tizzy, it also thrills me. A little bit. So once I get into the mode of change, it’s sometimes hard to know when to stop. New car? Sure! New glasses? Why not? New haircut? Screeeeech! [That’s the sound of brakes I should’ve heard. But didn’t. Cue the mullet…]


How do you handle change? (And have you ever ended up with a mullet?)

This post is part of 31 Days of Giving Up on Perfect. All month long, I’ll be writing about my fight against perfectionism and my quest to get on with life, already. For more 31 Days, visit The Nester.


  1. Yes. Growing out a series of bad decisions now. The latest was made just this last Saturday. Thank the lord hair grows and it takes color…over and over and over…

  2. Wait, I’m confused. Didn’t you have newly cut hair (or freshly shorn, take your pick), when I saw you on Saturday? And it looked really nice! Or maybe it was just new to me since I haven’t seen you in a few months. I’m recalling now that you were about to tell a story concerning your hair when I said it looked nice. Maybe the story was that you were thinking of getting it cut.

    • Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect says:

      Sally, I can’t even tell you how happy AND sad your comment made me! Happy because I remembered that you liked my hair. Sad because a) I cut it anyway and b) I might have thought twice about cutting it if only I’d remembered your compliment Monday morning on my way to Great Clips. *sigh* It will grow. I know that. And, hey, probably before I see you again! :) So, all is not lost. Except my chance to have good hair this week…

  3. When my DH and I both retired we moved from our hometown where I was a hairdresser. We have lived where we are now for over 10 years. Every time I find a good hairdresser, she moves on without telling me!! Now I am suffering through the worst perm I have ever had, and at my age, (70) I can’t help but wonder if I will have this bad hair the rest of my life. ~~sheepish smile~~~

    Hair grown very, very slow after the age of around 65 or so. Sadly, you lose a lot of it and it doesn’t grow back. +++sigh++++

  4. I’m a bit reckless with my hair, but can happily say I’ve never sported a mullet. My boyfriend was all business up front and an party in the back through much of the eighties, though! So rock that mullet just like you meant it!

    Change and I do not do well. at all. Even when it is the good sort of change like you describe. Sometimes I even want to rush back into the familiarity of bad circumstances just because the unknown is so hard for me. Now THAT is insanity! But it speaks to how deeply I avoid change. Grrrr.

    • Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect says:

      Change is hard, that is true. (But can I just say that I’ll be happy to CHANGE to normal hair when this grows out?!) :)

  5. I’ve never had a stylist cut a mullet, but I did get wings once in the mid-90’s while I was in college.

    In junior high, I had PAINFULLY grown out my bangs, which takes forever when you’re 14, because my naturally wavy hair did not do well with bangs and because bangs were going out of style.

    So when I was in college I never went to the same place to get my hair cut and would often spontaneously decide that I wanted it cut differently. I went to a salon near campus, but the stylist on the “ladies side” was out that day, so the BARBER for the “mens side” said he would cut my hair. I told him what I always told anyone who cut my hair in that time period: NO BANGS. Well, he didn’t think he was cutting bangs, but he cut WINGS, which turned into bangs for me because I was not about to style my hair with wings.

    I was incredibly disappointed and upset but a lesson was learned. Soon after that I decided to start sticking to one person to cut my hair, and since then have only had a few stylists and only changed because of moving.

    I’m glad to hear that your hair grows fast, and you should have totally posted a picture of your Lady Mullet!

    • Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect says:

      I know, I know – where’s the picture? Well, see, I am super vain. So there is no picture. :) And ahhhhh, wings?! So sad. ;)

  6. Oh no! Bad haircut regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

  7. A picture of a waterfall? I want a picture your hair for us all to see!

    • Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect says:

      I know, I know. I’m just too vain for that! (Go ahead and put that under my “so not perfect” list!)

      • And, by the way, I’ve lived my whole entire life in Kentucky and I’m still not entirely sure of this Kentucky waterfall mullet, but I have seen my share of mullets around here …

        • Speaking of perfection, I want to fix that typo up there in my reply. LIFE. Not LIVE. Ah, well … :)

          • Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect says:

            Since I’m in here (obviously, since you’re getting my replies!), I fixed it for you ;)

        • Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect says:

          Oh my, no offense meant to the state of Kentucky! My husband thinks it’s hilarious that there are actually different TYPES of mullets and different names for them. I don’t actually know anything about it at all. :) (I even googled “lady mullet” to make sure it wasn’t slang for something…unsavory!)

          • I wasn’t offended. I’m just saying, I didn’t know my home state was the official name of any mullet, although it’s probably entirely warranted.

            For the record, I wear shoes and am educated, college degree and all, just in case you were wondering.

            And you’re my new best friend for editing my comment. :)

  8. I went for a super cheap haircut once just days before a black tie awards dinner at work. I brought a picture of exactly what I wanted. the hairstylist turned me away from the mirror and started cutting….I ended up with horribly short hair. what I wanted was shoulder length layers, what I got was an extremely short bob. The front was shorter than chin length, the back…didn’t even touch my neck. I hated it. I tend to get the sudden urge to cut my hair when I start feeling frumpy. Now, I just give myself bangs when I need change. it tides me over for a while. Sorry about the mullet though. Thank God hair grows back :0)

  9. Mary, I’m so sorry you got a bad hair cut, but I must admit that I laughed when I read that the hair cut was a “lady mullet” because it surprised me so much. I hope you are able to get it fixed soon because I know first hand how bad it feels to walk around with a hair cut you don’t like (but I also kind of hope that I get to see it first). :) Love you friend!

    • Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect says:

      Haha – thanks a lot! ;) My approach right now is to pretend like I don’t notice how bad my hair is and just hold on until it grows out. Sadly, it’s taking longer than I’d like. (Because I’d like it to be grown out now!!)


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