{Perfect} Deals for Mother’s Day

I think I’ve given my thermostat whiplash. Heater, air conditioner, heater, attic fan, air conditioner, heater. If you don’t have allergies (or value energy and/or money), you may have been a little more stable in your recent HVAC experience. Either way, it’s spring. And spring means Mother’s Day . . . and weddings and showers and graduations and birthdays . . . and about a dozen other gift-giving occasions.

So, what better time to share some deals?!

First of all, I’m sure I’m the last person to learn about this, but I’m super excited about the Kindle app on my fancy new smartphone. My mind has officially been blown by all the great ebooks out there for free or really close to it. So, just in case you have been living in the dark ages with me, check out Amazon’s 100 Kindle books for $3.99 or less. (You can download the app for your laptop or smartphone if you don’t have a Kindle!)

What’s in the Bible has a new video! Volume 7 is about Esther, and to celebrate its release, you can get $5 off any order of What’s in the Bible products with the code ESTHER. And you’ll receive free shipping for any order over $15. If you have kids who like Muppets or silly songs or the Bible, you’ve got to try these videos. They really are our favorites!

(Okay, I’ll be honest. Tinkerbell has been edging out the What’s in the Bible videos lately, but if you look at the average hours watched at our house, Buck Denver and the other puppets are still winning by a mile!)

Speaking of the Muppets, though . . . you know that The Muppet Movie is out on video now, right? I can’t wait to watch this again. Annalyn liked it, but Mark and I loved it! This will definitely be the next addition to our movie collection.

DaySpring has a new collection of gorgeous pieces called Redeemed. It features everything from jewelry to mugs to stationary to bags and more. And the cool thing about the Redeemed collection is that it includes different designs that will appeal to different people (ahem, your cool cousin who’s getting married next month and your mom). Although, I have to admit, I have yet to figure out who I can buy this great stainless steel water bottle for. I love it and should probably just buy one for myself!

This month, you can receive a 20% discount on featured Redeemed products, shown on the (in)spired deals page.

DaySpring’s Mr. & Mrs. Gift Set would make a great wedding or anniversary gift. It includes two mugs, a journal, a coupon book and a gift bag, and it’s still on sale for $26.99 (regularly $35.95).

Blessings Unlimited revealed a gorgeous new line of dishes a few weeks ago. It’s called Grace & Gratitude and includes lovely white and blue dishes with inspiring messages. I honestly can’t stop looking at my catalog insert and can’t wait to start building my collection of new pretties!

And if you still need to do some spring cleaning, don’t miss my friend Dana’s ebook! 28 Days to Hope for Your Home by A Slob Comes Clean is on sale for $4.00 THIS WEEKEND ONLY with the code TWOTHOUSAND. (It’s regularly $7.99!)

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