When I was in college, I confessed to my roommates a trick I had for staying motivated while working out. I sang the theme song from Rocky in my head.

I’m not talking about Eye of the Tiger, either. I’m talking about Gonna Fly Now, a mostly instrumental anthem that actually only has three words (Gonna. Fly. Now.). This cheesy tune from the 80s was my high school’s fight song, and after growing up hearing it played by the band every Friday night of the fall, it got me all fired up.

Or at least pushed me hard enough to finish a 10-minute session on the rowing machine.

Don’t feel bad if you’re laughing at me right now. My roommates laughed at me then – and still think it’s funny to tease me about it ten many years later.

The mocking doesn’t really bother me because I know that my ability to coach myself through difficult times (yes, I’m including exercise in that category) is a good thing. I’ve worked hard to maintain healthy self talk, and encouraging myself is sometimes just as important as encouraging others.

Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at thinking and saying, “You can do this. It’s going to happen this time. This is your semester/project/job/year.”

And when I say those things, I believe them. I do. Mostly.

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