Did you hear? The best TV news of last week by far was the renewal of Breaking In. After FOX hemmed and hawed all summer long, the network finally decided to give it another 13-episode try.

I can’t wait. If you like spy stuff or nerds or Christian Slater, you will like this show. It is hilarious. Check out the promo (for last year’s super short season).

[Click here if you can’t see the video.]

One of the main characters is played by Odette (Yustman) Annable. And I swear she looks just like Mandy Moore. Do you see it?

Tell me you see it. The entire time I suffered through – I mean, watched – You Again, I could not get over Odette’s resemblance to Mandy!

Anyway, I wouldn’t want this little lookalike (uncanny though it may be) to overshadow the important part: Breaking In is coming back! Woo-hoo!

If you want to get caught up on this funny, nerdy little gem, check out the first season on Amazon.


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