Do You Regret That Choice?

A few years ago, I endured the Worst Interview Ever.

It had been three months since I delivered my premature baby girl. And three months since I got laid off from my supposed-to-be dream job. With the lovely mix of snow and ice that only true Midwesterners can appreciate, the weather was bad enough that schools were closed and roads were empty.

Except for me. Because I was not about to miss this interview.

After risking life and limb to drive to the office where my meeting was scheduled, I started things off on the absolute wrong foot by declining to shake the interviewer’s hand. I had a nasty cold, and I thought I was being considerate. He thought I was being rude.

I should’ve known then that this would not end well.

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  1. I have made some doozers of choices – especially in the relationship department. Do I wish things had been different? Yes – because there may have been less pain – okay – there would have been less pain – however – I believe the experiences made me who I am today – stronger in my Faith with God and stronger as a Christian.

    • Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect says:

      That’s a great way to put it, Stacey. I would make different choices, too. But I’m thankful for what I’ve learned along the way – despite the bad choices!

  2. I don’t look back. Every few years, I reach a new fork, make the best decision I can (usually the road less traveled by), and go off on a new adventure. Regret is not helpful, so instead if I don’t like my current road, I look forward to the next fork and plan to make a better choice the next time. The future is better than the past because possibilities still exist.

    • Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect says:

      Elizabeth, that’s a great perspective! I love your last line about the future being better!!

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