Carnival Week: Works For Me Wednesday

In my ideal world, I practice Once a Month Cooking. Every four weeks or so, I buy groceries in bulk according to a full month’s menu and spend a day chopping, stirring, seasoning, simmering and otherwise cooking – filling up my freezer and providing my family with healthy, tasty meals.

In my real world, though, I’m doing good to throw together a couple meals a week and consider it a victory if I only visit the store once every several days.

Despite my hopes and wishes, I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that I am probably never going to be that kind of person.

So I compromise. I do what I can. When I make baked pasta, I double the recipe and freeze one pan. Same thing for mini meatloafs and cheesy potatoes.

But what makes the most difference in my daily struggle to put decent food on our table is browning several pounds of hamburger at once. I may not be able to commit an entire day to once a month cooking, but I can spare a couple hours to brown some beef and put it in the freezer. Because we get beef from my cattle farmer father-in-law, we eat a lot of meals made with hamburger. So this little trick makes that easier. Spaghetti, pizza, sloppy joes, tacos – all made in minutes, thanks to pre-cooked beef.

Once a month cooking may not work for me, but occasional bulk browning does work for me. For more Works for Me Wednesday, visit the carnival’s new home at We Are THAT Family.

And for those of you who are more together, more organized or just more interested in cooking for several hours on end, check out Once a Month Mom and Balancing Beauty & Bedlam.

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  1. Great tips – thanks for sharing! I really aspire to OAMC, but I’ve yet to get there!

  2. ~*Michelle*~ says:

    I just started making double recipes and freezing and I have to say, it made for smooth sailing this month.

    Thanks for the links too.


  3. I think once a month cooking is unrealistic for most people. Two or three times a week is much more do-able.

  4. Good idea! Small stuff saves a lot of time!

  5. Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect says:

    Glad I’m not alone on this one. Thanks to you all for stopping by!

  6. chelleybutton says:

    Why cook once a month when you can make yummy things like chicken nuggets and tater tots at the last minute? (and you don’t even have to make them all at once!:) That’s my philosophy, anyway… ;)

  7. I brown my ground beef ahead, too! It sure does make it easier, doesn’t it? Sometimes, I’ll spice them up with either Italian or Mexican seasonings. That saves even more time.

  8. ive known some people who do all their cooking once a month. it exhausts me just thinking about it. in fact, it makes me a bit cranky.


    i did just make a double batch of banana/pineapple bread and am gonna freeze 1/2.


  9. Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect says:

    Chelley, you’re a brat.

    Mom2fur, I do that, too – saves a lot of time!

    Tam, that bread sounds delish!


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